Donating a classic car to charity is a great way to preserve your car, make a difference in the lives of others, and take advantage of the many tax benefits that come with charitable donations. When you donate your classic car, it will be displayed in a car museum or sold at an auction, with the proceeds benefitting your favorite charity. We’re proud run the vehicle donation programs for nationally respected nonprofits including Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, NPR stations through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, and UNICEF USA.

Why Donate a Classic, Vintage, or Collector Car?

Your classic car may have been priceless to you at one time, but if you’ve found us, chances are you have a hunch it’s time to move on. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve experienced the fun parts. Or you’re tired of sinking time and money into that gas guzzler of a car. There are many reasons people choose to give collector car donations to charity. Here are just a few:

  • Your Lifestyle Has Changed. Let’s face it, when you bought your antique Studebaker, you were buying into a lifestyle. You may have joined some antique car owner clubs and enjoyed weekend drives with other antique car enthusiasts. Maybe you have a new hobby or your lifestyle has changed completely. That’s just a part of life. It’s okay to let go of that antique that has been under a tarp in your driveway or taking up precious space in your garage for years now. What’s the point of hiding a beautiful car that someone else can give new life to? Maybe a boat has replaced the antique Packard in your carport — or maybe you and your loved one are ready to pursue other adventures. No need to hang on to those wheels.
  • Your Car Needs (Yet More!) Repairs. The cost and effort involved with maintenance and repair of these specialty vehicles are one reason owners choose to donate a classic car. If you own a vintage Cadillac or antique El Dorado, getting the right replacement parts can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. When you donate a vintage car, your car will be towed for free and the charity will receive at least 80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle.
  • It Doesn’t Make Sense to Sell the Car. Maybe your vintage car is not in the best shape to sell it for a profit. For many who have not maintained the car, the cost of repairs and fixing up are greater than the value of the car. If your car has been handed down a few generations, you may have a hard time tracking down missing legal documents like the classic car’s title – and perhaps registration has lapsed. Our classic car donation program can help with those pesky little details.

3 Steps to Donate Your Classic Car to Charity

If you have a classic, vintage, or antique car that you’re looking to donate to a car museum, consider donating it to the Audrain Automobile Museum!

Audrain Automobile Museum tile

The Audrain Automobile Museum has been proud to display vehicles that have been donated from private owners. A primary goal of the Audrain has always been to acquire and preserve automobiles with historical significance to Newport, Rhode Island and Southern New England. Your vehicle, and its associated collections, are important to you, but by donating it to the Audrain, not only will your collecting legacy live on, it will become integral in preserving automotive history for future generations of car enthusiasts. Your classic car donation to the Audrain can help preserve local history and help fund educational initiatives. If your car is not a museum piece, we’ll still happily accept your donation in furtherance of Audrain’s mission.

You can donate your car in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the online donation form. We’ll ask for information about the vehicle and where it’ll be picked up.
  2. Schedule free towing. A towing agent will contact you within 2-3 business days to schedule a pick up time.
  3. Get tax receipt. After your car is sold or accepted into a collection, you’ll be emailed a tax receipt.

Benefits of a Charity Classic Car Donation

Donating a classic or collector car to a charity can have multiple benefits. For starters, donating your car will generate much needed funds for the charity of your choosing, allowing the organization to continue providing its services to those in need. Of course you benefit from knowing that the world will be a better place through your contribution — but there are some nice perks for you as well. You’ll also be able to claim a tax deduction when you itemize taxes, and you avoid the hassle of trying to sell a classic car yourself. Donating an antique car saves money on repair and maintenance costs, as well as storage fees if it is not in use. Furthermore, donating a classic car reduces the amount of environment-harming emissions since fewer cars are in use. Finally, donating a car is quick and easy to do. You can fill out a donation form online or processing center at 877-957-2277. Your car will be picked up by a licensed towing agent for free and the charity of your choice will receive at least 80% of the gross proceeds.

Car Donation Wizard works hard to ensure the funds raised from donating a classic car will have the biggest impact for your charity. Watch the video below which features 7 of our favorite classic car donations to our charity partners. Your classic car donation could even be featured on our Hall of Fame page!

Start your car donation to one of our charity partners below today!