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Founded in 1945, The Mount Dora Children's Home is a place where troubled youth and families can get a new start in life. Our mission of "Educating for Life and Eternity" is fulfilled through both a Christian school and the Home. The beautiful, 70-acre, campus is located in downtown Mount Dora, FL., just north of Orlando.

The Children's Home is a place where abused and neglected children are accepted with open arms. They come from all parts of the southeastern U.S. with one thing in common; they need love and encouragement in their lives. House parents, staff, and trained counselors help to provide that. Every child residing in the Home attends the private school, with tuition paid by generous donors.

Additionally, a new program for Single Parent's addresses the needs of women and their children who are struggling in the world. This program seeks to remedy a generational problem. By providing housing, food, education, and other necessities, stability is brought into the lives of both the mother and her children. Self-esteem and personal improvement are taught through a combination of counseling and coaching. Classes include money management, parenting skills, and conflict resolution. The two-year goal is to prepare them to return to society in a better position than when they arrived.