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The Summit is at 91.3 FM in the Akron-Canton area, and at 90.7 FM in the Youngstown/Mahoning Valley area, and into western PA. We are a locally owned and operated, member supported public radio station, that plays a wide variety of music, including Rock, Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Local, Reggae, and much more.

In addition to The Summit - our flagship station - we also offer THREE 24-7 HD/online channels:

  • The 330 features the past, present and future of Northeast Ohio music — homegrown and hyper-local.
  • KIDJAM! Radio is an exciting and FUN online listening experience that everyone can enjoy!
  • Rock and Recovery is a community for people experiencing addiction, trauma, and mental health issues, supporting self-motivation, sharing information and resources, and offering personal serenity both on-air and online.

Your car donation in support of The Summit powers all of this and more!