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"Meditation really helped me. It made me feel like I could break free, even though I'm physically locked down. Like mentally and emotionally, meditation showed me that I can break free through my mind. I can be somewhere else if I just close my eyes and visualize." - Youth Participant

Most of the youth we serve come from neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, crime, violence, and gang activity. For them, just one bad decision can lead to school suspension, incarceration, or severe long-term consequences.

Our mission is to help youth transform harmful behavior and lead meaningful lives through mindfulness meditation and emotional awareness.

The core purpose of MBA Project is to awaken the intrinsic value of youth. We accomplish this through groundbreaking mindfulness-based direct service work that empowers incarcerated and at-risk youth to overcome trauma, transform negative behaviors, and find real freedom from the inside. Our seasoned team of instructors provide concrete tools to reduce stress, impulsivity and violent behavior and increase self-esteem, self-regulation and overall well-being. Our youth learn powerful new methods of responding to the challenges they face in the present, so they can build a foundation for a healthy and fulfilling future.

For more information, please visit http://www.mbaproject.org.

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