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Humane Society of Boulder Valley VEHICLE DONATION PROGRAM

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It is the mission of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley to protect and enhance the lives of companion animals by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people. We were founded more than a century ago in 1902, yet this mission holds true today as we counter animal neglect and cruelty and partner with other animal welfare organizations, sharing our mutual mission of saving more animals' lives.

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley provides shelter and care to more than 7,000 animals each year, with 95 percent of these animals being successfully adopted or reunited with their guardians. Our success rates are supported by our Behavior Modification program; helping shelter dogs and cats overcome behavior problems, our Shelter Medicine program; providing quality and compassionate medical services to shelter animals, and our Safety Net program; ensuring healthy relationships are supported in times of need and crisis.

Your donation of a car, truck, boat, RV, trailer, construction equipment or other vehicle provides vital support for pets and people in need, when they need it most. Vehicle donations to HSBV are eligible for a charitable tax deduction. For more information on how to donate a car, contact one of our expert customer service representatives at (888) 755-5435.