Car Donation Tax Tips 2014

Donating a car can seem like a daunting task but here at Car Donation Wizard  we provide all of the necessary information that our donors need to know before they make that big decision.

Firstly, knowledge is key. There are a lot of car donation programs out there that claim to give high returns to their charity partners, when in reality the charities are lucky to receive 10%-30% of gross proceeds. 

Tip #1 : Ask how much of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle go back to the charity and it’s missions/cause. Look out for charities or organizations that are partnered with charities that only tell you the net return- this should be red flag number one. 

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Team Animal League Makes a Difference at the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon

On Sunday November 2, more than 50,000 runners hit the streets of New York City and competed in the TCS NYC Marathon. The only thing more remarkable than the turnout was how much money was raised; $16,653,329!

nyc marathohn

In this photo, runners cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at at the beginning of the race. Despite the cold and rainy weather on Sunday, there was a remarkable turnout. I wonder how many people can fit on that bridge? It looks like an awful lot! Continue reading


Trick or Treat! Celebrating Halloween in Style.

Who said that work can’t be fun? Today we are having a blast celebrating Halloween. A lot of our employees got involved and are all vying for the top prize at this years costume party. Take a look and tell us who you think should win?

picstitch (3)

Check out the cast from Grease.. Pink Ladies, T-Birds, Sandy and Danny!

picstitch (4)

More creative costumes included Ursula, Quarantine Doctor , Warrior Princess and Toilet Man!  ( yes, this was the first time we heard of toilet man too!)

picstitch (5)

It will be tough to decide, there are so many good ones! Comment below to tell us your favorite one.

Happy Halloween from all of us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

We will update this post with once the winners are revealed.



We’re Building A House! Employees Volunteer For Habitat for Humanity

The Car Donation Wizard staff took the meaning of hard work to the next level last week. The first group of our volunteers put up not one but TWO walls during a Habitat for Humanity Build in Bristol, Rhode Island. (over-achievers!)

Always inspired by the work our charity partners do, we set up volunteer events throughout the year for our staff to get involved and to see where the money from the vehicle donations go. In June we participated in Relay for Life and we had a blast!

Lack of experience did not deter our volunteers, who by the end of the day were experts at using nail guns, saws and framing houses! Check out our team and some of the work we did:


Practicing what we preach! Our first group of volunteers successfully put up two walls during our #habitatforhumanity build! #volunteer #nonprofit #motivationmonday #giveback #habitatbuild #hfh #hfhebri #rhodeisland

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Awesome Vehicle Donation: Fully Loaded Food Truck Donated to the American Cancer Society

If, like us, you’ve had days were you thought about how cool it would be to own your own business, travel around the country and bring smiles to people’s faces for a living then I think you might just like our latest vehicle donation: A fully loaded , fully functional, all around awesome food truck!

Now I know what you are thinking, it is easier said than done, and owning and operating a food truck is a big responsibility. That’s why here at Car Donation Wizard we took the liberty of outlining some of the benefits of making your dreams a reality.

Benefit #1: This beautiful creation was donated to the American Cancer Society. That means that first and foremost you are supporting an amazing Charity( and not just your own dreams) Every vehicle that comes through our doors gives back over 82% of gross proceeds to our charity partners… so that’s a win win right there.



Benefit #2: Food trucks are notorious for delicious and unique edible concoctions. You can create whatever you like and if it’s not that good just pack up and move onto the next place!


Benefit #3: How cool would it be to say that you own a food truck.

Ok ok, if my benefits aren’t swaying you on the idea to buy this truck, maybe Julis Searight’s Idea: Food 4 Good will. Food 4 Good is a non-profit organization piloted by Julis which functions as a food truck during the day and a soup kitchen at night.

Julius is a recent grad from Johnson and Wales University, know for its culinary school, and believes that everyone is entitled to a delicious, warm meal. Check out Julius’ Go Fund Me page and support his cause!

This vehicle is currently up for auction at a Copart Auction Facility in Long Island. Contact 877.709.2277 if you want more information (or a list of more benefits to owning this beauty!)

Food Truck Festival Alert: Check out The Newport Food Truck Festival. On October 25th, at the Newport Yachting Center in Rhode Island, you will be able to sample some of the wonderful local food trucks that New England has to offer.