This week’s car donation story features a 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 that was donated to WLRN through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. When you donate a car, you’ll support your favorite NPR news and entertainment programs so that they can continue providing the content you love. 

This generous donor owned his vehicle for over 9 years. After buying it used, the donor immediately fell in love with the heated seats and perfect finish. He treated his car as part of the family, even feeling badly when the nephews spilled ice cream between the seats and the radio died. Despite the few imperfections, this donor took incredible pride in his car and continued appreciating every mile. He never stopped caring for it, as he washed it weekly (sometimes more!) and bragged to his friends about the mileage and condition. A memorable piece of this story tells how the donor always thanked his car for “getting him home,” something he never once took for granted. This car gave him so many gifts, including carrying him back and forth to see his sick father every weekend. When it eventually reached its end, he knew his car could give one more gift: a donation to NPR. 

I sat in you for one last time. What now? I looked down at your final numbers, 199,442. Then I looked down at the radio, remembering all we had listened to over the years. All those hours together with NPR. That’s it! Your last act of giving all you have. I called NPR.

Does your car have a special story? We would love to hear it! Be sure to share it with us so we can feature your car on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Donate a Car Through Car Talk

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National Public Radio (NPR) is a nonprofit organization that reaches 120 million listeners, creating a space for news, entertainment, stories, and more. Through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, you can support your favorite NPR station. We’ll return at least 70% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your car to the public radio station of your choice, ensuring that your car will support the programs you love.

Ready to donate your car to your favorite NPR station? Turn cars into programs by donating your car online or calling us at (877) 215-0227.

Donate a Car to NPR

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