This week’s car donation is a 2007 Mazda 3 that was donated to WBFO through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. When you donate a car through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, you’ll help your favorite public radio station deliver the news, engaging stories, and entertainment programs you love.

In 2012, this donor started her journey with her vehicle. When looking for the right car, she wanted something “practical and fun to drive”. The Mazda, with its hatchback, stick-shift, 6-disc changer, was perfect. The donor has fond memories of her morning commute when she played radio station 88.7 WBFO. In the evening, she enjoyed a mixed CD with the windows down. This car never left the driveway without a tune drifting out the windows!

Not only did this Mazda carry the donor around the town of Portsmouth, but it also endured road trips to 25 states and 2 provinces. On a 2013 trip to Maine, the donor decided to name this Mazda “Baxter”. Baxter never quit – not even on trips as far as Death Valley! The donor is sad to give Baxter up, as they have been through a lot together. From first dates and breakups to new houses and jobs, Baxter was always there. The donor noted, “You don’t always notice the chapters in your life as they’re written, but saying goodbye has made me reflect back on that kid in 2012”. Baxter was ready for its next adventure, and whatever that may be, the donor was happy it would benefit her favorite station: WBFO.

Thank you Car Talk, for allowing my little Mazda to live on in some form. If Baxter ever has another owner I hope it’s as reliable a companion for them, as they make their way through their own life, as it has been for me. Maybe it’ll just go to the scrapyard, but I’ll leave a CD in the changer just in case.

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car talk National Public Radio (NPR) has an audience of about 53 million listeners every week. These individuals access NPR through a variety of mediums, including radio, social media, and the NPR website. NPR provides listeners with news, podcasts, local stories, and so much more. With a donation through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, you can support the public radio station that means the most to you. At least 70% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle is returned to your chosen station, ensuring your donation makes a real difference!

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