Looking for a Way to Promote Car Donation for your Charity? Check out our new Frustration Into Donation Video!

Our new video titled, “Turn Your Frustration Into a Car Donation” highlights many issues that car owners face and reminds them that car donation is always an option.

It’s not just the written content that makes webpages succeed. Video marketing is also a critical aspect of increasing traffic and promoting brand awareness. According to Cisco Systems, Inc., video marketing makes up over 80% of traffic. Adding a video to your charity’s car donation page can help drive engagement. Best of all, it can encourage potential donors to donate their vehicles. That way, your favorite charity can receive the funds it needs to sustain its mission.

Video marketing is a great digital asset that can be used across platforms:

  • Webpages: Make sure to use the 30 second version of the video on your webpage. This will keep users engaged with the content.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Post the 15 second car donation video on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. That way, users will learn about car donation without lengthy text. Also, be sure to use hashtags and geolocations. This will help to increase your reach!
  • LinkedIn: By posting the 15 second video on LinkedIn, you can broaden your audience reach. Don’t forget to attach the link to your donation form in your post!
  • Twitter: Post the 15 second video to Twitter to receive retweets, likes, replies, and shares! Using hashtags and adding the link to the donation form will allow users to further engage with the content.

How to Donate Your Car

  1. Select the charity you would like to support. Car Donation Wizard works with some of the nation’s most respected charities, so you won’t have trouble finding one!
  2. Answer some questions about your car, including the VIN, year, make, model, mileage, and condition. Also, let us know where the car will be picked up.
  3. After you submit the donation form, a local towing agent will contact you within 2-3 business days to schedule a pick up time most convenient for you.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email with access to your Donor Console. Through your Donor Console, you can track your vehicle, submit documents, and get tax and title information. Within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, you’ll be emailed a tax receipt.

It’s that simple! Go online or call 877-957-2277 to donate a car to your favorite charity!