Before fully digging into 2024 and another year of helping to raise millions of dollars for our charitable partners, we want to take a moment to reflect on another blockbuster year for Car Donation Wizard clients and their car donation programs. With the volatility of the pandemic market swings in the rearview mirror and a return to “normal” vehicle values, there was a fear car donation revenues would suffer – and for many of our competitors they did – but we are proud to report astounding growth across the board including a 45% increase in volume and 27% increase in dollars raised for our CDW clients. We continue to be innovative and entrepreneurial in our approach to marketing car donation by putting the charity brand first, helping donors tell their stories and forging new content partnerships that fuel organic growth. We remain committed to excellence, and even with vehicle values on the decline, we returned 85% of the gross dollar back to our partners.  

Some of our of favorite highlights from 2023:

#1 – 4th year in a row we helped a single partner raise over $10,000,000.

Delivering consistent program growth, both in volume and gross dollars raised, is never easy. It takes true partnership, consistent work ethic and the ability to brainstorm and deliver on new strategies. We are so proud to do this with a partner year after year that puts their trust in us to nurture their program and provide their donors with a truly seamless donation experience from start to finish. 

#2 – We doubled down on partner support to help grow our existing programs and deliver on new digital marketing opportunities 

The competition for donation cars is fierce and many charities are priced out of digital marketing by big players with little concern for actual ROI to support charitable work. In order to compete in this market, we worked with our partners to get creative with google ads, own their brand in the keyword space and optimize their digital engagement with donors across multiple platforms.

#3 – The 5 highest selling car donations of 2023 grossed almost 250k with all five bringing in over $40,000! 

Coming in at 5th place was a 2018 BMW 3 Series Sedan 4D M3 Competition  HFH of Greater Los Angeles. Not too shabby! 

In 4th Place we have another high seller for Habitat for Humanity, HFH of Broward County with a beautiful 2016 AUDI S8 Sedan 4D S8 AWD.

Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Harris County also scored this year in 3rd Place with a 2004 Dodge Viper that definitely made a collector very happy! 

A mainstay on our Annual highest grossing list, ALS Association sitting pretty in the 2nd Place with a 2019 HONDA Odyssey Wagon 5D EX-L V6

And a surprise Number 1 for 2023 saw an incredibly generous and loyal donor to Samaritan’s Purse gifting a 2008 Allegro 40QRP RV that sold for a whopping $66,026

#4 – Record Numbers of vehicles sold for over $20,000.

We are proud to have helped our partners bring in high value donations this year by ensuring vehicles are assessed individually and sold for the highest amount possible. We are experts in the remarketing industry and it shows. And because we return the highest percentage back to the charities, these big donations make a huge impact! 

#5 – Surpassing another huge milestone and raising over $280,000,000 for charities.

Nation's Top Car Donation Program

If your organization is considering a car donation program or reviewing your car donation offerings, NOW is a terrific time to take a look at your partnerships and your programs.  For more information on ARS, or our Car Donation Wizard suite of services, visit our website or give us a call at 877-957-2277.