This week’s car donation features a 2008 Hyundai Elantra that was donated to WBFO through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. Car Talk works with local public radio stations across the nation. They ensure that each station gets the most from the proceeds of your donation. This enables your favorite programs to continue fostering thoughtful discussion, trustworthy information, and engaging entertainment. Your car donation helps keep your favorite public radio programming on air.

This donor shares their experience with their beloved vehicle and why they chose to donate to WBFO:

I called my car the Jean Falcon ( x-men :Jean Gray, Star Wars:millennium falcon) She’s a tough car that’s banged up, with a solar fire, and will get me wherever I need to be in less than 12 parsecs ..haha. She and I have traveled countless miles together, listening to wait wait don’t tell me, all things considered, another NPR show. Her engine is good, but has gotten old – even with a new clutch & alternator and other parts, I felt it best to let her go with glory and what better way to do so then to donate my car to NPR.

The Donor with “Jean Falcon”!


The proceeds from this vehicle donation will allow WBFO to continue creating content for its loyal listeners!

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About the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

National Public Radio, known as NPR, is a nonprofit media organization whose mission is “to create a more informed public”. NPR reaches 120 million listeners and readers monthly through its network of member stations, website, social media, podcasts, and events.

Car Talk’s Vehicle Donation Program allows you to fund your favorite NPR station. Car Donation Wizard will return 75-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your car to the NPR station of your choice.

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