Veteran’s Day: Donate Your Car to A Veteran Charity Organization

veterans day Veteran’s Day comes around every year and it’s the perfect time to honor America’s heroes for their courageous service.  Advanced Remarketing Service has partnered with several charity organizations that help support American veterans when they return home. Through these charities, a huge difference is made for veterans and their families.  When you donate your car, 75-80% of your proceeds will be given directly to the military charity of your choice. There are numerous military charities that do great work, but today we are going to highlight a few that ARS works directly with.  Its a great time to donate your car and we at Advanced Remarketing Services are looking forward to helping you.

Amvets Organization

Since 1948, AmVets has helped over 20 million veterans transition back into everyday civilian life. AmVets offers a program called Healing Heroes that helps any returning veteran with physical, emotional and or financial challenges that are ahead of them.amvets logo, donate your car, donate a car   National Service Officers is another service that AmVets offers its members. A National Service Officer (NSO) is a qualified individual who helps veterans receive their full benefits from the VA.  These NSO’s provide information, counseling, and claims service to all veterans looking for assistance. When you donate your car through Advanced Remarketing Services, you are helping support a service that veterans need and rely on.

Fisher House Foundation

In 1992, the first of seventy eight Fisher House was built in Maryland. Since then, the Fisher House Foundation has been providing comfortable free lodging to active military and veteran families while their loved ones are recovering in the hospital. The Fisher House Foundation has saved families over $407 million in out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation since inception. Fisher House Logo, donate your car, donate a carFisher House Foundation also offers an airline and hotel program where people donate their airline and hotel points to families that must travel to a distant hospital to be with their loved one. Over 12,000 students have received scholarships from the Fisher House Foundation. The charity work that Fisher House Foundation does has made such a positive impact on the military and veteran community.

Veterans of Foreign War Organization

The final charity highlighted today is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.  The VFW’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1899, when troops returned home from the Spanish-American War.  These soldiers banded together and formed groups that would later turn into the VFW. Since then, the VFW has been fostering camaraderie among veterans all across the United States.  They offer insurance programs, medical services and other benefits for its members. The VFW also has posts, which are places that members can go to be around others that have had similar life experiences.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization will continue bringing veterans together and provide top quality services for them. Donate a car through Advanced Remarketing Services and help support all the VFW does for veterans.


Celebrate World Kindness Day!

Happy World Kindness Day! Here at Car Donation Wizard, we care about making the world a better place. That’s why we work so hard to give our charities the highest returns from vehicle donations! It is easy to spread kindness, you can even help by donating your car!

World Kindness Day

This special day occurs every year on November 13th and started in 1998. This is the brainchild of the World Kindness Movement. They are comprised of several NGOs across the world who recognize the incredible value of this simple ideal.

Many countries observe this day, including Canada, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Italy, and India, Around the globe, people are centering kindness to make the world a brighter and friendlier place.

It is often easier to be dismissive than to be kind, but kindness is the first step in recognizing and honoring the humanity of those around us. An act of kindness can swing a bad day into a positive one, and help provide hope and contentment.

It feels good to share joy and to spread kindness. And – it’s easy! Consider these 7 easy ways to celebrate today, courtesy of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.


world kindness day

Image from

Do you want to do even more? Consider donating your car, or donating your motorcycle, or donating your boat! Do a kindness to your neighbors but donating that unsightly junk car. Even better, you’ll be helping out those in need, from animals to children to veterans.


1984 Toyota Land Cruiser to Habitat for Humanity

Did you know that cars can help build homes? Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program receives the funds from vehicle donations and uses them to improve communities. This vintage 1984 Toyota is a very special and unique donation, but every Habitat for Humanity car donation helps.

1984 Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest running series. They produced the first model in 1951! This is truly a durable model. How do we know? It is exclusively tested in the Australian outback, which is one of the most hostile environments on the planet.

Many Americans know this car as the most reliable car in the country, outback or not.

This particular model is “comfort-oriented” vs. “off-road oriented,” which is clear from the incredible upholstery! Most people race to call shotgun in a car, but I’d be more than happy to relax in this plus backseat.

Habitat for Humanity Car donation

This is a vehicle that could really take you places, or in this case, really help build places!

The generous owner of the vehicle decided to benefit their local Habitat for Humanity. To follow in their footsteps, or tire tracks with a charity car donation, keep reading!

Habitat for Humanity Car Donation

Habitat for Humanity has a simple vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

They help build new homes and empower future homeowners. Their projects depend on the sweat equity of homebuyers and volunteers. Habitat operates domestically, as well as in Latin and Central America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Also, they operate globally, to help communities recover from disasters.

A Habitat for Humanity car donation will benefit the closest Habitat for Humanity in your area, which means the proceeds stay in your local community and help your neighbors. A donation to Habitat does more than help an individual or a family — it helps a community.

If you can’t donate sweat equity, or building materials to your local restore, you can always donate your car. Donating your car through Cars for Homes is a great and easy way to benefit your local affiliate.

Car Donation Wizard returns between 75-80% of the gross proceeds to Habitat, which is an effective way to support your favorite charity. You are even eligible for a tax deduction!

Even if you don’t have a Toyota Land Cruiser, you can still help Habitat with your charity car donation. Visit our website or give us a call at 877-277-4344 to get started!


Charity Spotlight: Fisher House Foundation

This week, take a minute or two to learn about an amazing organization, the Fisher House Foundation. Read all about the history of this amazing charity, and the unexpected way you can help…

Fisher House Foundation

Fisher House Car Donations for Veterans

Fisher House Foundation is a charity that helps military families in a unique and helpful way. Founded in 1991, the Fisher House Foundation is a network of houses that serve as temporary lodging for service members and their families near medical centers.

The Foundation also has scholarship programs, including

  • Scholarships for Military Children, which helps make college more affordable with grants to 700 students annually.
  • Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship, which honors fallen soldiers and wounded or disabled service members.

Since it began, the charity has “served more than 335,000 families and provided over 8 million days of lodging,” according to their website. The scholarship programs have provided $18,130,000 to 10,814 students! To put it plainly, Fisher House Foundation has made an immense impact of the lives and well being of service members and their families.

How to Support Fisher House Foundation

An easy, unexpected way to support this amazing military organization is by donating your car. A vehicle donation to charity is a lot simpler than it seems, and we are there for you every step of the way.

To get started, either visit our Car Donation Wizard website or giving us a call at 877-215-0227. All you need to donate your car is the title and a few minutes to complete our donation form. Even better, your charity car donation is eligible for a tax deduction!

Car Donation Wizard has the highest returns of any charity car donation. At least 75-80% of every gross dollar earned at auction goes directly to Fisher House Foundation. Help keep military families comfortable while a loved one undergoes treatment, and help ensure the children of service members have access to a good college education.

If you have questions, concerns, or are ready to get started, give us a call today!


1986 Pontiac Firebird Donated to ASPCA

ASPCA vehicle donation

1986 Pontiac Firebird

We handle thousands of vehicle donations to charity every year, but this particular car truly stands out. This sweet cruiser fits the definition of a “pony car,” named after Mustang. Pony cars are smaller size muscle cars that still pack quite the punch.

This car has a 250 horsepower rating. Keep that in mind for trivia night, 1 Firebird = 250 horses! This iconic sportscar really purrs, or maybe chirps, on the highway and even on the silver screen.

The Pontiac Firebird gained fame as David Hasselhoff’s car in the TV series Knight Rider, and this specific car was made the final year of that program. Hasselhoff’s high tech Firebird fought for justice, which isn’t too different from our donor helping ASPCA!


Donate a Car to ASPCA

This car was donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). ASPCA, founded in 1866, was the first humane society in North America.

They have three main focuses: Animal Rescue, Animal Placement, and Animal Protection. That means that ASPCA works hard to rescue animals from abuse, place them in loving homes, and advocate for humane laws.

If you donate your car to ASPCA, you can help them continue their incredible legacy of over 47,000 animals rescued or assisted.

If you’re wondering how to donate my car, visit our website or give us a call us at 855-652-7722. It’s easier than you’d expect to donate your car — and you’ll be eligible for a tax deduction!

All you need to do is reach out to one of our friendly representatives or check us out online, and you can have your car picked up quickly, and for a great cause! Car Donation Wizard returns between 75-80% of the gross selling price of every vehicle to ASPCA. It doesn’t get much better than that! Don’t worry though, we won’t let unlicensed dogs behind the wheel!

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