Memorial Day Feature: Car Donations for Veterans

Memorial Day Feature Car Donations for Veterans

Car Donations for Veterans is a meaningful way to support military and veteran related charities with a tax deduction eligible contribution.

This Memorial Day we are doing a special feature on car donations for veterans.  This national holiday is a time where we all take a chance to honor the active and retired military members who serve our country.  When donating a car there are many different car donation programs to choose from but we would like to highlight our veteran and military related charities that you can donate a car to.

Our featured organizations are Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Vets Vehicles and Fisher House Foundation.  Donating a car to one of these charities is a great way to support our veterans with a significant and meaningful contribution.  You may not realize the value your car still has and a charitable tax deduction eligible car donation is an easy and free way to get rid of your old vehicle.

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Learn About Car Donations to Vets Vehicles

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Vets Vehicles is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit that uses the power of vehicle donation to aid in their mission to support the nation’s best veterans organizations.

Vehicle donation is a great way for nonprofits to increase their fundraising, but the sad fact is that most vehicle donation providers keep most of the funds to pay themselves. We’ve found that some of the nation’s best known vehicle donation providers are returning less than 40% of a vehicles sale price to the nonprofits they serve. Some try to hide this fact with complicated charts and graphs. But a closer look at their IRS filings reveals otherwise.

That’s why Vets Vehicles was started in 2011. They’ve partnered with the nation’s most trusted and efficient vehicle donation service provider, selling vehicles for the highest prices and returning the highest percentage of proceeds to charities. A higher selling price for your vehicle means more money to veterans organizations and a bigger tax deduction for you.

The money raised from donated vehicles goes only to help veterans organizations. We never allocate money to other causes that you can’t see. If you want your donated vehicle to help veterans, Vets Vehicles is the best donation option you will find.

Start your car donation now online, by clicking the button below, or call: 877-957-2277 today!

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