1960 Thunderbird Donated to Maine Public

This week’s featured car donation is a futuristic antique Thunderbird that supported Maine Public! Want to know more about this car’s fascinating history, and how to turn an old car into radio programming? Read on!

The Car: 1960 Ford Thunderbird

Maine Public Radio

The Ford Thunderbird is an iconic American car, and the very first model was produced in 1955.

Those early cars were initially two-seaters, which certainly was nice for zipping around, but didn’t quite meet the requirements of the standard American family.

In 1958, Ford decided to expand the Thunderbird – literally – by adding a backseat. These so-called “square-birds” were wildly popular, and even named Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of the Year. Not so square after all!

Thunderbirds made their mark in popular culture as well. Fans of the Beach Boys may recall the track “Fun Fun Fun,” about a girl’s adventures in her classic T-bird.

Maine Public Radio

Maine Public

maine public radio

Bet your bottom dollar that a Maine Public Radio station is playing on that radio?

Most cars in Maine are at one point or another moving the sounds of Maine Public’s many stations. This vintage car helped move Maine Public into the future, as a vehicle donation.

The Maine Public Broadcasting Network is comprised of ten radio stations across the state. The cooperative of community-based stations first broadcast in 1992. MPBN’s radio and television signals reach almost all the populated area in Maine.

Maine Public informs, inspires, and delights listeners in Maine, as well as lucky residents of MA, NH and Canada who are also in the range of the signals. They are

They have over 60,000 sustaining members, which makes MPBN the largest nonprofit membership group in ME. The support of these listeners and viewers allow the network to provide free, everyday service across the state and beyond.

Listeners to Maine Public are familiar with the network’s commitment to the pursuit of truth when it comes to the issues that matter most to Maine.

Do you want to support the wonderful work of Maine Public, or your favorite local station? We make it easy to donate your car.

All you need to do in order to donate your car to NPR is to visit our website or give us a call at 877-215-0227. Just provide some simple information about the car donation, and we will locate a towing agency in your neck of the woods. We will tow away your car in no time, and you’ll receive a tax receipt for the vehicle donation.

Turn your car into your favorite radio programs with our easy car donation program!


1978 Land Rover donated to KCUR

This week’s story highlights a vintage donation manufactured in England and donated to support KCUR in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s easy to donate a car to KCUR or to your favorite public radio station. Keep reading to learn about this unique vintage vehicle, and how you can support the stations you love.

1978 Land Rover Series III

Land Rover is synonymous worldwide with offroading, and this particular car sure looks like it could drive up a mountain or through a desert.

The Land Rover was initially designed as a working vehicle, a sort of tractor/car hybrid that would be as useful on the farm as on the road. Though it doesn’t look aerodynamic, it sure looks sturdy and capable of all sorts of travel.

Two brothers drove a Series III in the first east-west crossing of Australia by car. It’s hard to imagine a better car to travel the Australian outback. Adventurous drivers can even outfit the Series III with up to three gas tanks to avoid pesky fuel stops.

kcur vehicle donation

kcur vehicle donation

Land Rovers can do exactly what the name suggests, traversing terrain that a lesser car couldn’t manage.

Perhaps the most unexpected capability of this car? Supporting KCUR as a donated vehicle!

How to Donate a Car to KCUR

KCUR is the flagship NPR station for the Kansas City metropolitan area. Their broadcasts reach a 90-mile radius in Missouri and Kansas and you can tune in 24/7. 

They broadcast national programs that you can hear on NPR stations nationwide, but that’s not all. KCUR creates and broadcasts several shows specific to the Kansas City region, including Central Standard12th Street Jump, and Cyprus Avenue.

Maybe KCUR keeps you company on your commutes, like so many donors. If you’re a listener, you definitely trust their commitment to reporting on the local stories that matter in your community.

You might be wondering, how can you support KCUR? That’s where Car Donation Wizard comes in. Maybe you have a 1978 Land Rover to donate, or maybe you just have an older junk car that’s gathering dust in the driveway. Either way, we can help.

When you donate a car to KCUR through Car Donation Wizard, you can be sure that they will receive between 75-80% of the gross proceeds of your donation. That means 80 cents of every dollar goes straight to your favorite programs.

To get started, simply visit our website or give us a call at (877) 215-0227 and we can get your car picked up in no time.

It’s time for your car to embark on a new and unexpected adventure — supporting your favorite public radio station!




Chop Top Challenge Car Donated to Charity

Teams in the 2018 Chop Top Challenge embarked from Chicago, Illinois and headed South for New Orleans, Louisiana. Cars in the Chop Top Challenge have had the tops chopped and windshields cut off of the vehicles making it a crazy drive as they take on their interstate challenge. Along the way, teams were asked to participate in different challenges to earn points. These challenges were not announced to the teams until they left Chicago, making them think on their feet and have some fun! Based on social media, it looks like that is exactly what they did, check some of the action out on Instagram at #choptopchallenge.

This year, the Chop Top creators brothers, Luke and Joe’s, sister and team piloted a 1993 Toyota Previa in the Chop Top Challenge. They donated the car to charity at the end of their stay in New Orleans. Thanks to their generous donation this mini van will be donated to WWNO public radio in New Orleans. Reusable parts will be taken from the vehicle and the rest will be recycled for scrap metal. After a fun rally race this team is also helping out the environment by recycling their car! I heard from Luke about some of his sisters highlights of this years 2018 Chop Top Challenge and here’s what he said: 

“The girls chopped the roof and windshield on Friday evening and then left Chicago Saturday morning. They braved a snow storm right out of Chicago, got Chop Top Challenge tattoos, and made it to New Orleans on Monday night. Tuesday night they led a parade down Bourbon street, complete with a 5 piece brass band playing from inside the vehicle.”


We are thrilled with this teams decision to donate their car to charity. When you donate a vehicle to a National Public Radio station of your choice, you actually turn your car into the community programming you love. WWNO will be able to turn the car donation into financial support for the local and national programming you trust and depend on. To learn more about the 2018 Chop Top Challenge visit them at the Chop Top Challenge website or follow them on Instagram at @choptopchallenge. To find out how to donate your car visit us today at www.cardonationwizard.com or call one of Car Donation experts today! We look forward to the 2019 Chop Top Challenge! 



WBEZ Car Donation: 1948 Chevy Truck

WBEZ Car Donation - 1948 Chevy Truck - Front

The WBEZ car donation program has been a great way for local Chicago area NPR fans to support their favorite station. When you donate a car to WBEZ or another one of your favorite public radio stations you turn your vehicle donation into the local community programming you love. When you donate a car to charity you are not only supporting that non-profit organization but your donation is eligible for a tax deduction.

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