UNICEF USA: What can 2 billion dollars buy?

This year’s UNICEF Supply report provides an overview of UNICEF’s work in 2010 and provides insights into what 2 billion dollars can provide to children and mothers worldwide. 2010 was a significant year for UNICEF Supply on many fronts. The year was unprecedented in terms of the scale and complexity of emergencies, notably multiple emergencies in Haiti, including the devastating earthquake which claimed 220,000 lives and left 2.3 million people displaced, and catastrophic flooding in Pakistan which, at its peak, inundated one-fifth of the country. Despite extraordinary progress, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF continues to work every day until zero children die from preventable causes.

What can 2 billion dollars buy?

Vaccines (757 million)

2.5 billion doses of vaccines to 99 countries reaching 58% of the world’s children

390.7 million auto-disable syringes

156  million doses of vaccines and 187 million pieces of safe injection supplies

Pharmaceuticals (203 million)

389 million de-worming tablets

41.3 million malaria treatments

13.1 million packs of antiretroviral formulations to 44 countries

11.7 million worth of co-trimoxazole for HIV treatment and prevention of mother to child transmission

International Freight (104 million)

Over 10,000 international shipments

110.8 million worth of goods delivered from warehouses

Medical Supplies and Equipment (102 million)

Over 73 million malaria diagnostic tests

20.4 million worth of cold chain equipment

176 million HIV tests

Construction (138 million)

Support provided to 41 countries engaged in construction activities mainly related to education projects

Nutrition (117 million)

633.5 million Vitamin A capsules shipped to 76 countries

190 million zinc tablets

225 million sachets of multiple micronutrient powder

20,700 metric tonnes of peanut-based Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food

Bednets/Household Technology (116 million)

23 million long lasting insecticidal nets to 41 countries

Water and Sanitation (88 million)

Approximately 123 billion water purification tablets

Approximately 500,000 hygiene kits

4,346 hand pumps

Education Supplies (72 million)

165,941 education kits to 31 countries and 10,267 recreation kits to 23 countries

18,053 early childhood development kits to 32 countries

Printing (68 million)

UNICEF country offices print advocacy and education materials and in some countries, schoolbooks. In 2010, for example, they printed over 13 million textbooks and distributed them to more than 5,500 schools in Zimbabwe


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