1986 Pontiac Firebird Donated to ASPCA

ASPCA vehicle donation

1986 Pontiac Firebird

We handle thousands of vehicle donations to charity every year, but this particular car truly stands out. This sweet cruiser fits the definition of a “pony car,” named after Mustang. Pony cars are smaller size muscle cars that still pack quite the punch.

This car has a 250 horsepower rating. Keep that in mind for trivia night, 1 Firebird = 250 horses! This iconic sportscar really purrs, or maybe chirps, on the highway and even on the silver screen.

The Pontiac Firebird gained fame as David Hasselhoff’s car in the TV series Knight Rider, and this specific car was made the final year of that program. Hasselhoff’s high tech Firebird fought for justice, which isn’t too different from our donor helping ASPCA!


Donate a Car to ASPCA

This car was donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). ASPCA, founded in 1866, was the first humane society in North America.

They have three main focuses: Animal Rescue, Animal Placement, and Animal Protection. That means that ASPCA works hard to rescue animals from abuse, place them in loving homes, and advocate for humane laws.

If you donate your car to ASPCA, you can help them continue their incredible legacy of over 47,000 animals rescued or assisted.

If you’re wondering how to donate my car, visit our website or give us a call us at 855-652-7722. It’s easier than you’d expect to donate your car — and you’ll be eligible for a tax deduction!

All you need to do is reach out to one of our friendly representatives or check us out online, and you can have your car picked up quickly, and for a great cause! Car Donation Wizard returns between 75-80% of the gross selling price of every vehicle to ASPCA. It doesn’t get much better than that! Don’t worry though, we won’t let unlicensed dogs behind the wheel!

national dog day


How to Steer Clear of Car Donation Scams

Looking for tips on how to avoid car donation scams and do the most good you can with your donation? We’ve got you covered.

avoid car donation scams

Donating your vehicle is a great way to help your favorite charities. Vehicle donations can be incredibly beneficial to trustworthy charities, and grant you a tax deduction. However, there are fraudulent organizations out there, looking to capitalize on your goodwill and generosity. 

Here at Car Donation Wizard, we have been keeping donors informed since our blog began back in 2010. Unfortunately, not all charities — or donation companies — are created equal. There are fraudulent organizations out there, so it’s best to do a little research before handing over your vehicle.

To make sure you’re covered, and your car donation helps the charity you want to benefit, follow these easy steps.

How to Avoid Car Donation Scams

  • Research the organization.

    • Some nonprofits spend more money on their board members’ lavish lifestyles than on charitable work. Charity Navigator is an excellent resource for looking into the charity.
    • Look into the donation company that the charity works with. If you’re constantly hearing radio jingles and driving past endless billboards, you have to wonder how much money actually goes to charity…
    • Car Donation Wizard’s charity car donation programs return the highest percentage of the gross dollar from each vehicle donation to your charity. 
  • Don’t fall for flashy gifts or vacations in exchange for your car.

    • If they are bribing you for your car, how much money is left over for the charity?
    • The amount that you can claim depends on how much your vehicle sells for, minus any goods or services given to you in exchange; if an organization is promising you that you can claim the fair market value of your car….you may want to ask a few more questions.
    • Consult the IRS’ Guide to Vehicle Donation or reach out to one of our representatives at 877-999-2322.
  • Sign your title.

    • Car Donation Wizard has detailed and color-coded instructions on how to sign over your state-specific title, from Alaska to Wyoming, and all 48 states in between!
    • The title is the deed to your car, and if you leave it unsigned, you are leaving the door open for liabilities and headaches. If you have any questions about how or where to sign on a title, our trained representatives are a  phone call away 

Make sure you know who is taking your car, and the work that they do. It is shameful that some con artists take advantage of people who only wish to be generous, so it’s best to make sure you have all the knowledge to make an informed donation, and avoid car donation scams.


Car Donation to American Cancer Society-1970 Blakely Bernardi

Here is a 1970 Blakely Bernardi donated to the Cars for a Cure program with the American Cancer Society.

1970 Bernardi

The sister of the owner of the car donated his beloved car to American Cancer Society because she wanted to be a part of their mission to find a cure for cancer. Her brother loved his car, “Stuart Little”, so much she knows that it deserves to be showcased in a better way. The owners nickname “Dok” which was short for Car Doctor is on the passenger door.

The Bernardi was produced in Princeton, Wisconsin at Blakely Auto Works. This model Blakely is named after Italian inventor of the gasoline internal-combustion engine. The Bernardi design is fitting of a post WWII era car and is often compared to in physical appearances as the British MG TD. Being built after the Blakely Bearcat “S” models, Blakely vice president ArtHerschberger made major changes to the new Bernardi model such as changes to the hood, fenders, windshield, bumpers, a new interior, and better folding convertible top.

To learn more about donating your car to charity, please visit us to day at www.cardonationwizard.com or call us at (877) 957-2277 and we will be happy to talk about donating your vehicle to one of the best charities out there!


Happy National Doughnut Day!

National doughnut day

The word ‘doughnut’ can mean different things depending on its context. Most people think of the word and sweet fried dough usually in the shape of a ring or ball comes to mind. Other people might think cars and shifting into first gear holding the gas down and turning all the way either to the right or left causing the vehicle to spin in circles, might be your kind of donut… However, today, June 1st marks National Doughnut Day and it is about food not cars.

 National Donut day began during World War I when the Salvation Army sent over 250+ female volunteers to France to provide servicemen fresh coffee, tea, pastries, pies, breads, and of course Doughnuts. They became known as “Doughnut Girls.” The tradition carried on into World War II, the volunteers who helped serve the servicemen were referred to “Doughnut Dollies”. The United States Marine Corps’ birthday was also once referred to as National Doughnut Day. Even though it was just the military branch’s birthday, it is said the American prisoners of war at Son Tay Prison Camp convinced the Vietnamese guards it was a holiday in hopes to trick them to give out doughnuts in honor of the occasion.

car donuts

Donate your car to charity today!

Here at Advanced Remarketing Services we like both kinds of doughnuts. Most of our
employees would prefer actual doughnuts from a local doughnut shop. But, since
we are a vehicle donation processing center we have many employees who enjoy
motorsports like autocross, rally, drifting, racing, and of course doing burnouts and doughnuts! If you have recently done a little too many donuts in your car and it may be ready for donation we are the company you should think of. Or, if you just love eating doughnuts and their history and want to donate your car to a charity like the Salvation Army, we are the people for you!  We work with the best non-profits around and are here ready to take your vehicle donation! Check out Car Donation Wizard or call us at (877) 957-2277, and tell us about your doughnut adventures, whichever type they may be!


Car Title Transfer Help Videos by Car Donation Wizard

car title transfer how-to video helps answer questions on transferring a car title during the car donation process

The Car Title Transfer Process

We want to make the car title transfer process as easy as possible when you donate your car to charity. Here at Car Donation Wizard, we appreciate every car donation we receive. Your vehicle was a part of your journey in life and now it is going to be a part of ours.

Car Donation Wizard is here to answer your title transfer questions with our helpful state specific how-to videos

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