It’s that time, again. Moving time. That time when military families look forward to new assignments, adventures and friends while at the same time dreading packing everything up and moving to another base, maybe even another country. Then what to do about your car? Do you drive it or have it shipped to your new duty location?

Driving nowadays is not cost effective with gas prices on the rise and per diem not covering the total expenses of the move (gas, meals, lodging). And shipping, that’s a nightmare in and of itself! When does the car get picked up? How long are you without it on this end, or the other end for that matter? If you’re not driving that means you are flying and that means fewer of your personal items at the other end when you arrive. (And let’s face it– military movers are never on time).

Will the military transport my car?

With your military move, you can coordinate the shipment of 1 vehicle OCONUS (overseas) and 2 vehicles CONUS (stateside) through the military. Click here to complete the POV shipment. 

How much can I get reimbursed if I drive the vehicle myself?

This is a complicated questions as it depends on how far you are traveling, the number of dependents you are traveling with, and if you are driving one or both vehicles. Click here for a breakdown on how to calculate.

What do I need to do before I ship my vehicle?

You need to make sure to have the proper documentation completed, clean the vehicle thoroughly, make sure you have less then ¼ tank of gas. Click here for instructions and things to consider.

What if I don’t want to ship my vehicle? What are my options?

If you are about to PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to a new duty station, maybe donating that car seems like a better option. Especially if your vehicle is not as reliable as it once was and has turned into more a liability then mode of transport. Donating a car has many benefits to you and others:

Donate a Car to Military Family Advisory Network

MFAN logoIf you decide your car won’t make the military move, consider donating it to the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN). The Military Family Advisory Network was founded by military members and families for military members and families. MFAN’s mission is to be the bridge that connects military members and their families to the resources, people, and information needed to successfully navigate all phases of military life. All donations to the Military Family Advisory Network help connect military members and their families to the resources they need to succeed.

Donating your car is an easy way to support military members and their families. Car Donation Wizard accepts all car donations, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, trailers, and RV’s. We will return 75-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle to MFAN, the highest of any vehicle donation program!



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