Donating your car can be hassle-free or a nightmare. Car Donation Wizard is here to provide you with the tips you need to be informed throughout the process.

Too Good to Be True?

Some charity car donations offer lavish vacations in exchange for your donation. It feels good to be rewarded for a charitable donation, but who pays for your vacation? If it’s coming out of the donation, you might not be supporting the charity as much as you’d expect.

At Car Donation Wizard, we don’t promise gifts or rewards in exchange for your car. What we do promise is that your charity will receive at least 75-80% of the gross proceeds from your vehicle sale.

That means you get a free tow to auction, and you also have the peace of mind to know that your donation is helping exactly who you want.

car donation scamCDW ROI

Car Donation Wizard returns 80% of the gross proceeds back to the charity, whereas other car donation programs return 34%.

The Name Sounds Good, But…

Do you know the name of the charity from billboards or jingles, but don’t exactly know what they do? Charity Navigator is a great resource for checking how the charity spends money behind the scenes.

We only work with 501(c)(3) non-profits, which means that no matter what organization you want to support, you are eligible for a tax credit.

Who Handles My Donation?

Car Donation Wizard is managed by Advanced Remarketing Services, a Better Business Beauru accredited business with a rating of A+.

We care about helping charities and helping you through your donation. Click here or call 877-957-2277 to start your car donation today.

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