Happy National Name Your Car Day! To celebrate, we are taking a look at a Car Talk donor story whose vehicle named ‘Bertha’ had a special impact on a family.

Bertha, a 1997 Lexus ES was first owned by the donor’s grandmother, then passed down to the donor’s father, and finally to the donor in 2012. The donor used Bertha while she attended college and hauled band equipment around to shows, “I’ve slept in the trunk while volunteering at music festivals, been stuck in several feet of snow (before I learned to get snow tires), and moved my whole life from California to Colorado and back in this car.” Bertha was used by 3 generations who each listened to their local National Public Radio station in the car, KCLU, making it a perfect donation to NPR.

Do you have a name for your car?

Bertha back       Bertha front

How to Donate to National Public Radio

KCLU is the National Public Radio station for the Central Coast of California area. NPR is a nonprofit media organization whose mission is “to create a more informed public”. NPR reaches 120 million listeners and readers monthly through its network of member stations, website, social media, podcasts, and events.

NPR’s Car Talk vehicle donation program helps fund your favorite radio program. Interested in donating to your local NPR station? Car Donation Wizard makes the donation process easy so consider donating your vehicle on this Name Your Car Day!

Donate online or call (877) 215-0227.