Guest Writer: Mackenzie Irving

Celebrate National Pet Day by with the North Shore Animal League

People are great, but there is no one greater than our furry friends and family.  April 11th is National Pet Day and it is a great day to celebrate your current pets or donate to/adopt one from a local shelter. We are happy to work with the incredible shelter, North Shore Animal League. 

In September I adopted a year old German shepherd/Border collie mix, named Jax, from my local shelter. When I got him he had never lived in a home and didn’t even know what a car was. At first, everything was new and scary to him. Now, car rides are an exciting activity. He loves getting in the car to pick up my sister from school. He’s always happy to see me when I get home from work. 

National Pet Day

It can be a little difficult in the beginning because a lot of animals in shelters have “ruff” beginnings, but by adopting them you are giving them a second chance at a happy ending! Check out these handy tips if you’ve got any doubts about adoption. 

We work with wonderful charities that benefit animals, including the North Shore Animal League.

Each year six and a half million pets are entered into shelters and roughly two million of those animals are euthanized. As a no-kill shelter, the North Shore Animal League combats that number by annually placing almost 18,000 animals in loving “furever” homes. They have also saved over one million animal lives since establishment in 1944.

They are always looking for help and support. Even if you can’t adopt, they always need donations and things like treats, dog food, beds, and toys.

Whether you’re a cat, dog, bird, bunny, or turtle person there is a pet in a shelter somewhere anxiously waiting to meet you. Adopt don’t Shop!

We offer one of the top vehicle donation programs in the country. We give 75-80% of the gross proceeds back to the charities, more than other vehicle donation program out there. Every dollar makes a difference for future pets in need.