car title transfer how-to video helps answer questions on transferring a car title during the car donation process

The Car Title Transfer Process

We want to make the car title transfer process as easy as possible when you donate your car to charity. Here at Car Donation Wizard, we appreciate every car donation we receive. Your vehicle was a part of your journey in life and now it is going to be a part of ours.

Car Donation Wizard is here to answer your title transfer questions with our helpful state specific how-to videos

In order to do this we want to provide you with a fun and innovative way to learn how to properly sign and transfer your title. When you are working with your title please remember that it is a legal document, so take time to do it right.

Every state has an individual car title and you should be aware of how the state that your car is registered in requires you to sign your title transfer

Each state has its own unique car titles and directions. It’s our job to understand each states titles and we want to communicate them to you as best as possible. For all those visual learners out there, here is a video with step by step instructions on how to properly sign your title. You can also follow along using our example titles in the footer of our website at Get a little practice in before you sign your official vehicle title!

How to Sign Your Vehicle Title Transfer on YouTube “how-to” video produced by Car Donation Wizard

You can also find all of our state specific videos on our YouTube page!  Our state how-to videos include how to transfer your title in California, Minnesota, Washington and more.  If you do not see the state that you are looking for hang on as we are producing new videos for additional states so yours should be coming soon.
In the meantime, if you come across any questions please call us at 877-957-2277 or email us at If you make any errors or miss any information then give us a call, we are here to help with all title inquiries, questions or concerns.