How to Donate a Car to Charity: Video

Sometimes car donation can be confusing, daunting and let’s face it overwhelming at times!

But it doesn’t have to be. Car Donation Wizard is here to make everything as easy as possible.

We don’t stress the little stuff. We work on getting the best price for all of our donated vehicles. We don’t just sell our vehicles at auctions like other car donation programs. We work with licensed dismantlers and recyclers and even sell our high value vehicles through the retail stream. (Check out this Rolls Royce that made $30,000 for the ASPCA!)

Our unique program has attracted big name charities like the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity International and U.S Fund for UNICEF because we consistently give back over 82% of the GROSS proceeds.

Here to make things a little clearer and to give you some tips on car donation is Joe Hearn, the President and CEO of Advanced Remarketing Services. ARS runs the vehicle donation programs for all of our charity partners and the Car Donation Wizard Website.

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“Donating your car is easy and is always free” -Joe Hearn