Cool Donation…Zamboni Donated to Car Talk!

At Car Donation Wizard we have seen some interesting vehicle donations, but a recent donation to Car Talk has us excited. A Zamboni! Known for resurfacing ice, this donation would be more apt for winter, so you can imagine our surprise when it was donated to us this summer!


This street-legal Zamboni was donated by Daniel Bourgeois, a Minneapolis resident. Daniel owns Cold Rod Transportation Company, a repair shop for Zamboni vehicles. This vehicle sold for $2,050 and the proceeds from this donation will go to Minnesota Public Radio.

Want to learn more about this vehicle donation? Check out Car Talk and enter the competition on their facebook page and see if you can answer the question: What would you do with a Zamboni?

Don’t have a Zamboni to donate? We take all kinds of vehicle donations: motorcycles,  trucks, RVs and boats.

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