This week’s car donation story highlights a 2013 Fiat 500 adoringly named “Toots”. Toots was donated to Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County through the Cars for Homes Program. Your car donation will help build homes in your community and foster stability in the lives of new homeowners. 

The donor highlights the memories that she and Toots made over their 9 years together. She also shares how Habitat for Humanity was selected as Toot’s “final resting place”.

Toots was diagnosed with MS nearly the exact same time that I was. Is that a true statement? No. It’s not. MS is a people disease. Toots is a car. But while my engine was on the fritz, so was hers. She was a little less than halfway through her life, and perhaps I was a little less than halfway through mine at the time. The latter remains to be seen.


Toots was my wheelbarrow, my pick-up truck, my bicycle mover, my commuter, my miracle-parker. Toots was my unpredictable semi-reliable one-and-only for 9 years and 115,276 miles. In her, I learned about the regional food system and supported local permaculture. She helped me support live arts, and helped me lean into retreat. She survived many late night blowouts and revitalizing protests. Toots rescued 3 sub/urban wild creatures. One lived.


Most of all, Toots helped me build bonds.


Shelter is one of our basic needs. When we have it, we have a start at room to build, grow, nourish, and nurture. Toots became part of my habitat. Because Habitat for Humanity has a track record of centering humans in their work by securing housing, Toots chose them for her final resting place.

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Donate a Car to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide organization that works to foster “strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter”. Since 1976, Habitat has improved housing for more than 39 million people. Car Donation Wizard serves as a proud partner of Habitat for Humanity through its Cars for Homes Program. By donating your vehicle, you will allow Habitat to assist even more families and help them find and maintain safe, affordable housing.

Car donation is a great way to support your favorite charity while also helping the environment. At least 75-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will be donated to your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. These funds will allow Habitat to build new homes and repair old ones so that safe, affordable housing can become a reality across the globe. Help Habitat achieve this mission by donating your car online or by calling us at 1-877-277-4344!

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