Car Talk: How a Motorhome Became “Morning Edition”

An Alaskan adventure, a grand tour of national parks and a trip down the California coast. This Coachmen Santara has been places! It’s taken Doug Van Solkema and family from Escondido, CA, all around the country. According to Doug, traveling in the camper means, “Safe travel and an incredible experience. The vacation really begins when you leave your driveway.”

“Sweetie, I think we made a wrong turn in Chicago. I don’t see any beaches.” (Flickr photo by YGX)
Now this camper is going to take all the listeners at KPBS, San Diego, to new places, too. How? It’s being turned into great radio!
That’s because Doug’s family decided to donate it to KPBS. “Over the years we have greatly appreciated KPBS and their quality programming,” Doug says. And now the $5,650 in proceeds from the sale of Doug’s camper will go directly to supporting the programming that the family has enjoyed all these years.

How was the donation process? “My in-laws suggested using the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. It was a very easy process,” Doug says.

Just goes to show that in-laws aren’t wrong all the time.

Can’t wait to get on the road again.