UNICEF’s Promise: ZERO by 2035

ZERO by 2035 The Child Survival Call to Action forum in Washington, D.C. was an incredible moment. A remarkable coalition of governments, the private sector, and UNICEF came together and committed to ending preventable childhood deaths by 2035. Representatives from countries like India and Ethiopia gave hope to the assembled child survival activists. They shared how they have achieved huge reductions in child mortality since 1990 – thanks to successful interventions like new vaccines and community health centers. Both countries also reinforced their commitment to achieving zero by 2035.UNICEF is redoubling its efforts to stop needless deaths from preventable causes, with a renewed focus on the 2 primary killers of young children: pneumonia and diarrhea. Stopping them alone will save up to 2 million children’s lives each year. With your help, preventable child mortality can become history.

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