Your Guide to Donating a Motorcycle to Charity

Donating a motorcycle to charity is not only easy, but it can benefit one of our great charitable organizations. We know that, as a vehicle donors, you have a lot of choices on where to donate your car or motorcycle to. Car Donation Wizard makes a pledge to its donors to only work with nonprofit organizations that have your best intentions in mind. All of our charity partners are 501(3)(c) recognized, meaning that your motorcycle donation is eligible for a tax deduction. We also work closely with each and every charity to ensure that the proceeds from your vehicle donation go towards supporting the amazing causes and missions you know our charity partners for. Our vehicle donation experts are standing by to help you with any questions about how to donate a motorcycle today – call us at 877-957-2277. We can help maximize your motorcycle donation to charity today!

What information do you need to donate your motorcycle today?

Here’s a list that can help us:

  • What is the year of your motorcycle?
  • What is the make of your motorcycle?
  • What is the model type of your motorcycle?
  • How many miles does your motorcycle have on it?
  • What is the current condition of the motorcycle?
  • Do you know the estimated value of your motorcycle? If so, what is it?
  • Can you drop off your motorcycle to a facility for us?

Motorcycles that have been donated to charity:

charity motorcycle donation

Donated Motorcycle from Colorado

Donate a Motorcycle

Donated Motorcycle from Chicago, Illinois

donated motorcycle to charity

Donated Motorcycle from North Carolina

donate a motorcycle to charity

Donated Motorcycle from California