Car Donation Wizard works with highly respected charities across the nation to return over 80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of car donations to our charity partners, the highest of any vehicle donation program. Today, we will be answering the most common car donation questions donors have when donating a car!

What Paper Work Do I Need?

In most cases, you’ll need a clear title to donate your car. Our state pages will walk you through the necessary paperwork if you can’t locate your vehicle’s title. If you have any questions regarding your title, call our title specialists at 877-957-2277 or send an email to

Your Vehicle Won’t Run; Will We Still Accept It?

No, your vehicle does not need to run, and yes, we will still accept it! However, the car must have at least two inflated tires and be in a tow-accessible location, such as a street or driveway. The tow truck driver will not be able to tow the car if it is located in a garage. In rare cases, we cannot accept a vehicle donation if the value of the car is less than the cost of towing and processing fees.

What Happens After My Vehicle Is Picked Up?

After the tow truck driver has picked up your car, it will either be sold at an auction or to a licensed auto recycler. Your preferred charity will receive the full proceeds from the sale of your vehicle.

When Will I Receive My Tax Receipt?

 When itemizing taxes, the tax deductible amount of your car donation is directly related to the selling price of your vehicle. Within 30 days of your car being sold, you’ll be emailed a tax receipt. If your car donation sells for less than $500, the email you receive after it is sold serves as your tax receipt. You can take a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of your car up to $499. If your vehicle sold for over $500 and you want to claim the full selling price on your taxes, we’ll need some additional information in order to generate your IRS 1098-C form. You’ll receive the form via mail within 10 business days.

Donate a Car Using Car Donation Wizard

Car Donation Wizard is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations delivering a variety of social impact services including the building of homes, funding research and patient services, fighting hunger, providing access to sport for individuals with intellectual disabilities, protecting pets and animals, preserving public radio, and serving our honored military families and veterans. Since our inception, we have helped our charity partners raise over $250 million for their causes. We accept all car donations, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, trailers, and RVs.