This week’s vehicle donation features a 1997 Yamaha FZR 600 Motorcycle that was donated to Capital Public Radio through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. Car Talk works with local public radio stations across the nation. They ensure that each station gets the most from the proceeds of your donation. This enables your favorite programs to continue fostering thoughtful discussion, trustworthy information, and engaging entertainment. Your car donation helps keep your favorite public radio programming on air.

This donor shares their experience with their beloved motorcycle and why they chose to donate to Capital Public Radio:

We purchased my 1997 Yamaha FZR motorcycle in 2002. We had trouble conceiving so my answer was to do everything you can’t do with kids! Riding was just one of those things. I hated being a backpack, but loved the control of riding on my own bike. I commuted through my first trimesters of pregnancy and again when the kids were day care age. Many date nights were rides to dinner! For one of our anniversary’s we rode from Sacramento to Fort Bragg. During Covid, with no cars on the road, we loaded our daughters (ages 11 and 14) on the backs and went for what was my last ride. People are more distracted than ever on the roads and I just don’t feel it is a safe environment to drive much less ride.

I’m happy to donate and support Capital Public Radio, my only new source!


The proceeds from this vehicle donation will allow Capital Public Radio to continue creating content for its loyal listeners!

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About the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

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