As we look back on another successful year helping raise millions of dollar for our charitable partners, we are overwhelmed and proud at what we accomplished together. As industries still try to recover in the post-pandemic economy, we were able to double down on our car donation program delivery and helped push our programs further and faster with unique integrated marketing support like SEO strategy, marketing ideas and content, a new webinar series and, most importantly, capturing authentic user generated content. The nation’s top charity brands continue to trust us with their programs because we are transparent, growth minded and consistently return the highest % of gross sales (over 80%!) back to our partners. 

Before we get too excited about what lies ahead in 2023, let’s recap some impressive milestones in 2022:

#1 – 3rd year in a row we helped a single partner raise over $10,000,000.

We continue to push the boundaries with this long standing partner proving there is always room for growth and improvement.  Together we have created a program that is trusted by donors across the country and helps to invest millions into the critical work of the organization. We couldn’t be prouder of our work together and look forward to another blockbuster year with them.

#2 – We added over 50 partners to our charity network including some great brands doing important work including Green Beret Foundation, Boston Children’s Hospital and Audrain Automobile Museum.

Our charity network is growing constantly. Driven by the need for a car donation partner known for honesty and transparency, many charities reach out to us directly to sign up for our digital fundraising tools Car Donation Wizard or through our partner Cars for Charity. We love our partners and have added capacity to our organization to support this continual growth. In addition to growing our team, we are proud to announce that devoted team member Ali Lyons has been prompted to Director of Charity Services. In her new role, Ali will continue to oversee all account support and services for our charity brands, ensuring excellent account management at every level, we are lucky to have Ali lead this work. 

#3 – The 5 highest selling car donations of 2022 grossed almost 250k which was distributed among five organizations. 

Here are the top grossing car donations of 2022:

5. Two cars tied for fifth place, both selling for $28,000! Our first car donation in fifth place is this 2013 Lexus LS that was donated to Habitat for Humanity through its Cars for Homes program. The other car donation tied for fifth place is this 2016 Dodge ProMaster 2500 donated to WBUR, Boston’s NPR station.

2013 Lexus LS                                   2016 Dodge ProMaster 2500

4. Another Habitat for Humanity car donation made it in the top five! This 1967 Ford Mustang sold for $33,000 and will help Habitat drive a family home.

1967 Ford Mustang

3. We’re continuing to support small and local nonprofits across the nation through our Cars for Charity partner. This 2015 Tesla Model S was donated to Redwood City Library Foundation and sold for a whopping $45,500.

2015 Tesla Model S

2. Another Tesla Model S on the list! This 2014 Tesla S was donated to the ALS Association and sold for $45,998.

2014 Tesla Model S

    1. Our top grossing car donation of 2022 is this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle! The Chevelle sold for $51,000 and will benefit NPR programs at North Country Public Radio in Canton, New York.

      1970 Chevy Chevelle
      #4 – Nine cars grossing over $25,000 for five different partners.

      Even with sky high pandemic values dropping across the industry, we were able to help our partners bring in BIG donations this year. This unrestricted revenue can be a big boost to fundraising operations and it’s a great acquisition tool for new donors.

      #5 – Celebrate raising over $250,000,000 for charities since our inception.
      WOW. this number doesn’t even seem real. To do this work day in and day out is hard work. Our communications team works nights, weekends and holidays to take donor calls, our remarketing team works around the clock to get the best prices for donated vehicles and our internal ops team and external partnership teams help bring it all together. And we didn’t hit this number alone. Together with our partners tapping their trusted brands and loyal donor databases, we continue to set the bar higher every year.Every year we push our limits a little bit further. We are always asking ourselves: “How can we help this client update their website in a strategic way? How can this client utilize user generated content on their social channels? Who does this partner need to know for a linking campaign?” And so on. The great news is there’s always room to push and learn and new strategies to implement and we cannot wait for what lies ahead in 2023.

      The bottom line? Car Donation continues to be a fantastic source of unrestricted revenue for non-profit organizations. We are the number one car donation program in the country consistently returning more than 80% of gross sales back to our partners. And don’t just take our word for it, many of our programs are ranked on top rated sites like Forbes and Money Crashers as the best programs to trust with your donation and we are consistently ranked as the program with the highest return by the California Attorney General Report. And the great news is that orgs of any size can benefit from a program. Some of our highest grossing donations this year were for small, local non-profits who only get 1 – 5 cars a year. Whether your footprint is hyper local, national in reach or, even international, we can help you generate revenue through car donation. 

      If your organization isn’t working with us yet, what on earth are you waiting for?!