This week’s car donation features a 1999 Lincoln Town Car that was donated to KGOU Radio through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. When you donate a car through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, you’ll help your favorite public radio station deliver the news, engaging stories, and entertainment programs you love.

Vehicles have a way of bringing back memories of the past and family members. Especially those loved ones who are no longer with us. This donor’s special vehicle actually became a part of her family, so it was hard to say goodbye. Not only did this Lincoln belong to the donor’s father, but it belonged to her in-laws, then her and her husband as well! 

My 1999 Lincoln Town Car is pretty special. It was my dad’s car before he sold it to my in-laws, who then sold it to me and my husband. Both my parents and my in-laws are gone now, and I miss them terribly. That car reminds me of them all, and so I’ve hung onto it longer than was probably advisable, given the repairs it has required. When it finally needed more repairs (way more repairs) than it was worth, we needed a new plan. And while the used car market is hot right now, I wanted the car to have a purpose … to continue making an impact. NPR is an obvious choice. As a former newspaper journalist, I respect the objective reporting NPR does. It’s more important than ever to our democracy, and I’m happy to contribute to that cause.

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Donate a Car Through Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

National Public Radio (NPR) has an audience of about 53 million listeners every week. These individuals access NPR through a variety of mediums, including radio, social media, and the NPR website. NPR provides listeners with news, podcasts, local stories, and so much more. With a donation through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program, you can support the public radio station that means the most to you. At least 70% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle is returned to your chosen station, ensuring your donation makes a real difference!

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