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We proudly work with some of the most respected charity and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. We work hard to ensure that the maximum funds are raised from your vehicle donation, so that your contribution makes the most impact on your charity. Keep in mind, as an added benefit to you, your car donation may be eligible for a charitable tax deduction!

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Types of Vehicle Donation Accepted:

We accept most cars, trucks, boats and personal watercraft, RVs and motorhomes, trailers, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and more!

Select the charity of your choice below to learn more about that program’s purpose or to start your car donation! To begin the process of donating a car, simply fill out our fast, easy vehicle donation form online or over the phone with one of our expert customer service staff members.

Featured Charities

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Spotlight: AMMO NYC- Featured Partner  

2001 Land Rover Discovery

AMMO NYC is a world class detailing operation and is ranked the #1 car detailing channel on YouTube. Car Donation Wizard is very happy to be working with AMMO on behalf of our charity partners for some of our most interesting and exceptional donations.  A channel for collectors, enthusiasts, and the curious, AMMO cooperates with our non-profit clients by enhancing and improving high quality donations and making sure we are able to raise the most money possible.  Take a look at the videos below and see the miracles that Larry performs on our donated vehicles.  His phenomenal car detailing will help us raise significantly more money, amplify the reach of our charity partners car donation programs and ultimately provide the donor with the best tax deduction possible. So if you have a classic or exotic to donate and you’d like to see what AMMO can do with your beloved beauty you can donate to us below or contact us for more information. For more information on AMMO NYC please click here

To start your car donation, fill out the online donation form or call us at (888) 227-5500. 

What makes us different?

Donate a car to a national or local charity through Car Donation Wizard. We proudly partner with Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, CARE, UNICEF USA, and other nonprofits. We accept cars, trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicle donations and they are tax deductible. Keep in mind that while there are hundreds of thousands of organizations that accept car donations, none of them return between 75 and 80% of the gross dollar from each car donation back to the charity like we do. Still have questions about the amount of your donation or tax deduction information? Visit our Donation Tips, FAQ, and About Us pages, or call us at (877) 957-2277!

Don’t just make a donation; make a difference!

We accept all types of vehicles, running, non-running, classics, lightly used and even the end of life vehicles. Did you know that the automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product? We work with a comprehensive network of nationwide, professional vehicle recyclers that can responsibly recycle your vehicle. Help turn your end of life vehicle donation into reusable steel. For more information on recycling your car, visit our environment page.