September is Family Meals Month, a time to promote and celebrate the importance of sharing meals together as a family. Family Meals Month is not just about the act of eating together but also about fostering stronger family connections, creating cherished memories, and promoting healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to enjoying delicious dishes and strengthening bonds, Family Meals Month is also about making a positive impact on the world around us. So, grab a seat, pass the mashed potatoes, and let’s check out three easy ways to lend a helping hand!

3 Ways to Support Charities During Family Meals Month:

  1. Share your favorite recipe on social media. We all spend time scrolling through social media. Why not put that time to good use? During Family Meals Month, encourage everyone in your family to post a picture of their favorite meal or recipe along with a short blurb about the charity they’d like to support. Use hashtags to raise awareness and inspire others to join in the giving spirit.
  2. Volunteer as a family. Giving back doesn’t always have to be about financial contributions. Offer your time and skills to a local nonprofit as a family. Whether it’s helping at a soup kitchen, organizing a charity event, or participating in a neighborhood cleanup, volunteering together can be a rewarding and memorable experience that strengthens family bonds.
  3. Donate your car to a charity dedicated to fighting hunger! If you’re looking to upgrade your car, consider donating your old vehicle to charity. Donating a car is an easy way to support any nonprofit organization and you’ll be eligible for a tax deduction. The process is simple: choose your charity, fill out the donation form, schedule a free car pick up time, and receive a tax receipt.

Best Car Donation Charities to End Hunger

Feed the Children car donationFeed the Children

Over the past 40 years, Feed The Children has become one of the world’s leading private organizations committed to ending world hunger. Your Feed The Children car donation will allow children and their families to live more stable lives and reduce the uncertainty of when their next meal will come.

Donate your car to Feed The Children by filling out the online donation form or by calling 888-966-1425!

RICFB car donation
Rhode Island Community Food Bank

You can help Rhode Islanders in need by donating your car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank! Distributing millions of pounds of food each year through our statewide network of agencies, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank ensures that all Rhode Islanders have access to the nutritious food they need.

Donate your car to RI Community Food Bank by completing the online donation form or by calling (877) 957-2277!


UNICEF works to deliver the essentials that give every child an equitable chance in life: health care and immunizations, safe water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. When you donate a car to UNICEF USA, you’ll help make it possible for UNICEF to respond swiftly in crisis situations and work in places with ongoing need.

Start your UNICEF USA car donation online or by calling 855-487-3863!

CARE car donationCARE

CARE works around the world to save lives, fight poverty and achieve social justice. When you donate a car through the Cars for CARE® Vehicle Donation Program, you’ll help lift families out of poverty and create jobs for women and their families.

Start your CARE car donation online or by calling 800-422-7385!

Family Meals Month serves as a reminder of the significance of coming together over a shared meal. Beyond the nourishment it provides, family meals offer a treasure trove of positive benefits for both physical health and emotional well-being. This month, you can support hunger relief charities by donating your car. The funds from the sale of your car donation will help distribute food to families in need.