March of Dimes Charity Spotlight

The first charity spotlight of 2019 is on a charity that supports families across the nation, by caring for moms and babies: March of Dimes. March of Dimes primarily fights premature birth, which affects 1 in 10 babies in the U.S. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing organization and the surprising way you can support them.

Most people are familiar with the wonderful work of March of Dimes, but did you know about the charity’s presidential origins?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s experience with polio spurred his decision to create the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. The charity pioneered the vaccine that eradicated polio in the US. The organization was later renamed to March of Dimes.

March of Dimes fights premature birth through a few key strategies: research, care innovation, advocacy, education and NCIUs. They are committed to supporting moms throughout their pregnancies, and babies as they grow.

The charity researches the causes of premature birth and birth defects. They also provide information to mothers and families on the dangers of these issues and how to avoid them. With local programs throughout the country, their resources are readily available to families nationwide.

Support March of Dimes with a Car Donation

A surprisingly simple and effective way to donate March of Dimes is by donating your car! When you donate a car through Car Donation Wizard, you can trust that you are helping your charity.
We ensure that the charity receives between 75-80% of the gross proceeds of the car’s sale. That’s more than any other car donation program out there. Not only do we make the process easy, but you can rest assured that your donation makes a difference.

All you need to do to get started is visit our website or give us a call at 888-898-1144. A local tow agency will reach out in about 2 business days to schedule a convenient pickup. After the car auctions, we will provide you with a tax receipt for the donation. It can be hard to say goodbye to an old car but know you’re saying hello to a future without premature birth.

Jumpstart the fight against premature birth with a car donation!



Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Charity Spotlight

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Who Are They?

Located in stunning Boulder County Colorado, sits the beautiful facilities of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  Since 1982, Greenwood has been one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers along Colorado’s Front Range.  Each year, Greenwood cares for over 3,400 animals which represents over 200 species.  Between wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians, these animals receive the highest quality care in hope of someday returning to the wild where they belong.  Advanced Remarketing Services has partnered with Greenwood Wildlife to turn your car donation into charity dollars for Greenwood’s rehabilitation center.  Reach out to Advanced Remarketing Services today and donate your car to the charity of your choice. Once after all, that old junk car of yours will finally be put to good use as a car donation!

What Do They Offer?

Along with Greenwood’s world-class rehabilitation center, they also offer wildlife educational programs, animal sponsorship’s, and run a thrift store.  The wildlife educational programs are designed to be entertaining and educating for preschoolers all the way to senior citizens. Each program is tailored to fit it’s audience and explain what Greenwood does, who they treat, and how to help.

Sponsoring an animal is a great way to help foster that animal back to health. When an animal becomes sponsored, their food, medicine, and caging is all covered by their sponsor.  Sponsorship’s are a great resources for animal care centers because they eliminate the financial burden of rehabilitation and being able to meet each animals needs.  Rather than worrying about cost, Greenwood is able to focus entirely on giving these animals the attention and care they need.

The thrift store that Greenwood owns and operates sells everything from clothing, home decor, art, music, books and furniture.  What makes their thrift store unique is that every dollar made goes right back into the rehabilitation center.  It’s uncommon to find a wildlife rehab center that’s as professional, successful, and caring as Greenwood.

How You Can Help?

Are you looking to donate your car? It’s a great time to call Advanced Remarketing Services and begin the simple process of donating a car to charity.  Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will be happy to accept any car donation and use it to help nurse the Colorado wildlife back to health.  Greenwood thanks you for your support and we at Advanced Remarketing Services are looking forward to helping you with your car donation.


Gloria Gemma Foundation Charity Spotlight

We at Car Donation Wizard are proud to work with the Gloria Gemma Foundation, a local organization that supports those affected by breast cancer.

Gloria Gemma Foundation

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The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation supports our local community, in Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, and eastern Connecticut. Their headquarters are nearby our Middletown office, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

The Foundation was established in 2004, to honor the memory of Gloria Gemma, a brave and loving wife and mother of nine who lost the fight to cancer in 2002. The organization started as a simple website with information for cancer patients and their families. Over time, it grew into a substantial organization that provides free, holistic programs to heal mind, body, and spirit.

There are a wide array of programs offered, including:

  • healthy body classes, ranging from gentle yoga to nutrition and cooking
  • support groups that provide emotional support and community
  • Pink Spirit Program brings breast cancer education to students and local businesses

The monthly event calendar shows all free programs and is a great resource for individuals, families, and communities.

The Run/Walk Series is a great way to actively support the Gloria Gemma Foundation, and the next one is coming up on September 30th, 2018!

gloria gemma foundation car donation

Donate Your Car to the Gloria Gemma Foundation

If you can’t make it out for the Run/Walk Series, you can always support the Gloria Gemma Foundation through a car donation!

The process is easier than you think. To get started, visit our website or give us a call at 877-957-2277. All we need is some basic information about your vehicle, where to pick it up, and where to send your tax deduction! A local towing agency will call you soon to schedule a pickup time. They will pick up your car in no time, because your donation matters!

Car Donation Wizard has the highest returns of any charity car donation program. If you donate your car, the charity receives almost all of the gross proceeds. Between 75-80% of the gross proceeds go directly to your charity.

If you are ready to donate your car, or have questions, reach out to us! We love to help you help the charities that mean the most to you.







We Share Hope Charity Spotlight

Car Donation Wizard connects donors with amazing charities both global and local. Today’s spotlight is on a Rhode Island-based charity, We Share Hope.

We Share Hope

donate a car to we share hope

This nonprofit has a simple mission, which is sharing resources with those in need. We Share Hope had a humble start 10 years ago in 2018, with the two founders giving out bread from the back of a station wagon.

We Share Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, and currently has four employees and over 75 volunteers. They’ve grown significantly over the past decade, spreading hope as they grow.

There are three active Empowerment Centers, in Warren, Riverside, and Warwick.

These Empowerment Centers are open 3-4 days a week to the public, and customers can exchange small donations for groceries and household items. They are essentially food banks, but they do ask for $3 or $5 dollar donations.

We Share Hope partners with over 59 New England-based organizations to ensure their food and non-food items are distributed to those in need. These organizations include Providence Rescue Mission, East Bay Food Pantry, Barrington High School, and Aquidneck Island Rally for Recovery.

The organization relies on volunteer work and private donations rather than federal funding. Even if you aren’t nearby to volunteer your time, you can always assist with a car donation

Donate a Car to We Share Hope

Car donations are simple ways to provide much-needed funds to amazing charities.

Do you have questions about how to donate a car to charity? Our process is simple.

All you need to donate your car is some basic information about the vehicle and where our licensed tow agents should pick it up. Your car donation will be picked up in no time, and you’ll be eligible for a tax deduction!

Car Donation Wizard is the best charity car donation program, and at least 75-80% of every gross dollar from auction goes directly to your charity. What are you waiting for? Donate a car to charity today, and help share hope.

Visit our website or give us a call at 1-855-493-7427 and one of our friendly representatives will help you donate your car today.