Charity Spotlight: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

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Serving Boulder’s Homeless since 1982

Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado sits the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Since 1982, this non-profit has been offering shelter, meals, and help to Boulder’s homeless. With over 105,800 meals served each year the Boulder Shelter has not only helped save countless lives, but also created a positive sense of community for the homeless.

How to Help

Advanced Remarketing Services cannot be thankful enough there’s an organization as socially responsible as the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Without their efforts, Boulder would have a far undeserved group of people struggling to live. So donate your car today! Begin by contacting ARS and we will help make your car donation simple and easy! With the money provided from this car donation, you have helped ensure that the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless will continue their great work for years.

What the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Offers

The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is a pristine facility that can sleep 160 adults per night. Boulder Shelter offers a transition program that prepares adults for what life is like outside of homelessness. Since 1996, there has been 982 graduates that are now healthy functioning members of society. Boulder Shelter also has an on-staff mental health therapist that aims to help clients move past any mental or emotional problems. With a resource like this offered in a shelter, it makes the transition from homelessness much easier. The Boulder Shelter strives to heal and help the homeless in any way they can.

How A Car Donation Can Help

Donate your car today and help the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. The shelter will gladly accept any donations and put them towards food, shelter, and any other necessities the guests need. A car donation is a great way to help support a charity that you feel is making a difference. Call Advanced Remarketing Services today and start your car donation that will help make a difference in someone else’s life.


Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Charity Spotlight

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Who Are They?

Located in stunning Boulder County Colorado, sits the beautiful facilities of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  Since 1982, Greenwood has been one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers along Colorado’s Front Range.  Each year, Greenwood cares for over 3,400 animals which represents over 200 species.  Between wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians, these animals receive the highest quality care in hope of someday returning to the wild where they belong.  Advanced Remarketing Services has partnered with Greenwood Wildlife to turn your car donation into charity dollars for Greenwood’s rehabilitation center.  Reach out to Advanced Remarketing Services today and donate your car to the charity of your choice. Once after all, that old junk car of yours will finally be put to good use as a car donation!

What Do They Offer?

Along with Greenwood’s world-class rehabilitation center, they also offer wildlife educational programs, animal sponsorship’s, and run a thrift store.  The wildlife educational programs are designed to be entertaining and educating for preschoolers all the way to senior citizens. Each program is tailored to fit it’s audience and explain what Greenwood does, who they treat, and how to help.

Sponsoring an animal is a great way to help foster that animal back to health. When an animal becomes sponsored, their food, medicine, and caging is all covered by their sponsor.  Sponsorship’s are a great resources for animal care centers because they eliminate the financial burden of rehabilitation and being able to meet each animals needs.  Rather than worrying about cost, Greenwood is able to focus entirely on giving these animals the attention and care they need.

The thrift store that Greenwood owns and operates sells everything from clothing, home decor, art, music, books and furniture.  What makes their thrift store unique is that every dollar made goes right back into the rehabilitation center.  It’s uncommon to find a wildlife rehab center that’s as professional, successful, and caring as Greenwood.

How You Can Help?

Are you looking to donate your car? It’s a great time to call Advanced Remarketing Services and begin the simple process of donating a car to charity.  Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will be happy to accept any car donation and use it to help nurse the Colorado wildlife back to health.  Greenwood thanks you for your support and we at Advanced Remarketing Services are looking forward to helping you with your car donation.


Veteran’s Day: Donate Your Car to A Veteran Charity Organization

veterans day Veteran’s Day comes around every year and it’s the perfect time to honor America’s heroes for their courageous service.  Advanced Remarketing Service has partnered with several charity organizations that help support American veterans when they return home. Through these charities, a huge difference is made for veterans and their families.  When you donate your car, 75-80% of your proceeds will be given directly to the military charity of your choice. There are numerous military charities that do great work, but today we are going to highlight a few that ARS works directly with.  Its a great time to donate your car and we at Advanced Remarketing Services are looking forward to helping you.

Amvets Organization

Since 1948, AmVets has helped over 20 million veterans transition back into everyday civilian life. AmVets offers a program called Healing Heroes that helps any returning veteran with physical, emotional and or financial challenges that are ahead of them.amvets logo, donate your car, donate a car   National Service Officers is another service that AmVets offers its members. A National Service Officer (NSO) is a qualified individual who helps veterans receive their full benefits from the VA.  These NSO’s provide information, counseling, and claims service to all veterans looking for assistance. When you donate your car through Advanced Remarketing Services, you are helping support a service that veterans need and rely on.

Fisher House Foundation

In 1992, the first of seventy eight Fisher House was built in Maryland. Since then, the Fisher House Foundation has been providing comfortable free lodging to active military and veteran families while their loved ones are recovering in the hospital. The Fisher House Foundation has saved families over $407 million in out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation since inception. Fisher House Logo, donate your car, donate a carFisher House Foundation also offers an airline and hotel program where people donate their airline and hotel points to families that must travel to a distant hospital to be with their loved one. Over 12,000 students have received scholarships from the Fisher House Foundation. The charity work that Fisher House Foundation does has made such a positive impact on the military and veteran community.

Veterans of Foreign War Organization

The final charity highlighted today is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.  The VFW’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1899, when troops returned home from the Spanish-American War.  These soldiers banded together and formed groups that would later turn into the VFW. Since then, the VFW has been fostering camaraderie among veterans all across the United States.  They offer insurance programs, medical services and other benefits for its members. The VFW also has posts, which are places that members can go to be around others that have had similar life experiences.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization will continue bringing veterans together and provide top quality services for them. Donate a car through Advanced Remarketing Services and help support all the VFW does for veterans.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Charity Spotlight

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 

making strides against breast cancer donate your car

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a noncompetitive walk The American Cancer Society hosts to raise awareness and funds that help save lives from breast cancer all across the United States.  

Since 1913, The American Cancer Society has been the driving force behind raising money to help fund research for finding a cure to cancer.  The Society has over three million volunteers and has given over $4.6 billion to research. With the help of organizations like ACS, the day that everyone is cancer-free will soon be here.

On Sunday October 14th, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer will be proudly hosting a 3 to 5 mile walk in downtown Providence to help raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  Come help raise money for a good cause and visit The American Cancer Society to sign up today!

making strides against breast cancer walk donate your car

Donate Your Car to The American Cancer Society

If you can’t make it to the Making Strides Walk, you can still support the ACS by donating your car!  At Advanced Remarketing Services, we want to make the process of donating your car quick and easy. Visit our website today and see for yourself just how simple the process is.

When you donate your car, 75-80% of your proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society. These donations help make the difference in the battle against cancer. Organizations like this rely on generous donations from people like you to help support their mission.

Ready to make a difference in the fight against cancer?  Contact us today and we’ll help you donate your car to the charity of your choice.  Creating a world of less cancer and more birthdays is what the American Cancer Society dreams of, and here at Advanced Remarketing Services we are proud to be a part of any mission that noble.