Giving Tuesday, Car Donation to Make a Difference

Giving Tuesday (#givingtuesday on social media), donate your car to make a difference this charitable season.

It is that time of year again where we hear bells ringing outside of our local grocery stores and shopping centers. The holiday season brings out a spirit in us that makes us want to help out the community and others in need.  There are plenty of ways one can contribute to their charity of choice.  This Giving Tuesday, we’d like you to take a minute to consider donating a car as a great way to support your favorite charity.  Much to our pleasure, Car Donation Wizard receives almost double the amount of donations from Thanksgiving to Christmas than it does in an average month. This rise in car donations coincides with a movement called “Giving Tuesday”.

While Black Friday has become about extreme consumer spending and Cyber Monday has people scrolling through page after page of things to buy, many people have not heard about Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday started six years ago and occurs after these widely recognized shopping events. Giving Tuesday connects us back into the community through an act that means the world to someone in need. The holiday season can be a make or break time of year for many charities as they rely on the support they receive now to help throughout the rest of the year.

Your old car might have a value that will surprise you.  Car Donation Wizard returns more than any other vehicle donation service.  While there are a variety of factors that affect the amount of money a charity receives from a car donation it has always been our goal to return at least 80% to the charity.  We’ve succeeded at maintaining this pillar of our work and have been recognized for it this year (Car Donation Wizard is the social enterprise leg of Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc.).  So far to date over $140 million have been raised for our car donation partners.  It is reasons like this we are considered the best car donation program nationwide.    

With the volume of cars being recycled from U.S. roadways last year reaching a new record of 11 million vehicles, consumers are looking at alternatives like car donations to get rid of their old, used cars. The car donation process is nothing to dread at all. Donating your car is done quickly, efficiently, and the best part is that if you donate before the end of the year it is tax deductible.  There are many charities that accept car donations directly that we partner with including:

  • Cars For a Cure® – American Cancer Society Car Donation Program

  • Cars for Homes™ – Habitat for Humanity Car Donation Program

  • NPR Car Donation Programs

  • Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

  • Car Donation to Kids Programs including UNICEF, Toys for Tots and March of Dimes

  • Vehicles for Veterans Car Donation Programs including Disabled American Veterans and Vets Vehicles

  • Car Donation for Animal Charities including North Shore Animal League America and ASPCA

Donate Your Car to Car Donation Wizard

Take a moment this Giving Tuesday and think about how easy it is to make a real and feasible contribution to any number of the charities that we offer on Car Donation Wizard. All holiday roads lead to home and your donation can help someone get there.

If you’re looking for more insight, last year on Giving Tuesday we wrote about “Three Reasons Why You Should Donate a Car Before the End of the Year