Veteran’s Day: Donate Your Car to A Veteran Charity Organization

veterans day Veteran’s Day comes around every year and it’s the perfect time to honor America’s heroes for their courageous service.  Advanced Remarketing Service has partnered with several charity organizations that help support American veterans when they return home. Through these charities, a huge difference is made for veterans and their families.  When you donate your car, 75-80% of your proceeds will be given directly to the military charity of your choice. There are numerous military charities that do great work, but today we are going to highlight a few that ARS works directly with.  Its a great time to donate your car and we at Advanced Remarketing Services are looking forward to helping you.

Amvets Organization

Since 1948, AmVets has helped over 20 million veterans transition back into everyday civilian life. AmVets offers a program called Healing Heroes that helps any returning veteran with physical, emotional and or financial challenges that are ahead of them.amvets logo, donate your car, donate a car   National Service Officers is another service that AmVets offers its members. A National Service Officer (NSO) is a qualified individual who helps veterans receive their full benefits from the VA.  These NSO’s provide information, counseling, and claims service to all veterans looking for assistance. When you donate your car through Advanced Remarketing Services, you are helping support a service that veterans need and rely on.

Fisher House Foundation

In 1992, the first of seventy eight Fisher House was built in Maryland. Since then, the Fisher House Foundation has been providing comfortable free lodging to active military and veteran families while their loved ones are recovering in the hospital. The Fisher House Foundation has saved families over $407 million in out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation since inception. Fisher House Logo, donate your car, donate a carFisher House Foundation also offers an airline and hotel program where people donate their airline and hotel points to families that must travel to a distant hospital to be with their loved one. Over 12,000 students have received scholarships from the Fisher House Foundation. The charity work that Fisher House Foundation does has made such a positive impact on the military and veteran community.

Veterans of Foreign War Organization

The final charity highlighted today is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.  The VFW’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1899, when troops returned home from the Spanish-American War.  These soldiers banded together and formed groups that would later turn into the VFW. Since then, the VFW has been fostering camaraderie among veterans all across the United States.  They offer insurance programs, medical services and other benefits for its members. The VFW also has posts, which are places that members can go to be around others that have had similar life experiences.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization will continue bringing veterans together and provide top quality services for them. Donate a car through Advanced Remarketing Services and help support all the VFW does for veterans.


US Fund for UNICEF Charity Spotlight

Do you believe in a future where children are safe, no matter where they are born? So does UNICEF, and their US fundraising branch, US Fund for UNICEF. Support children around the world when you donate a car to UNICEF.

donate a car to UNICEF

US Fund for UNICEF

UNICEF is the acronym for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, created by the UN after World War II. Their first mission was to directly remedy the lack of security, food, and healthcare faced by children in war-torn countries.

Today, UNICEF is active in over 190 countries and territories worldwide, caring for children and youths who are in need.

Conflict tends to most hurt the already vulnerable, especially children. UNICEF works in areas of crisis to fight trafficking and military conscription. We are in the midst of an unprecedented refugee crisis, and almost 50 million children have been displaced.  UNICEF aided more than 145,000 displaced children in Syria in the first half of 2012. The impact of this organization worldwide is monumental.

UNICEF also focuses on everyday struggles, including a lack of access to clean water, vaccines, and proper nutrition. Their humanitarian programs have helped reduce the number of child deaths by over 50% since 1990 — and they are not done.

How You Can Help

The surprisingly easy way to support this incredible charity? Donate a car to UNICEF! When you visit our website or give us a call at 855-487-3863.

Even older, end-of-life cars can help UNICEF save lives worldwide. Donations like yours help keep vulnerable children safe.
We make donating your car to UNICEF easy. Simply reach out with basic information on your vehicle, and our licensed towing agencies will pick it up free of charge. You will be eligible for a tax credit, and UNICEF will receive between 75-80% of the gross proceeds.

If you want to help save young lives, the key may be in your driveway.


2008 Stringray Boat Donation to Habitat for Humanity

Most of our vehicle stories focus on interesting cars, but we accept more than just cars. Boats, motorcycles, RVs, even the occasional tractor can be charitable donations! As winter quickly approaches, you might be second-guessing if you still need that rarely used boat. Take a look today at how a boat donation can help build homes through Habitat for Humanity.

The Boat: 2008 Stingray 195FX

boat donation

This sleek boat perfectly fits the two most common uses of boats: fishing and skiing. Stingray crafted this boat with versatility in mind. It is equipped with a high-quality engine that makes it a dream to drive, no matter what your recreational goal is.

boat donation

The Charity: Habitat for Humanity

This boat was donated to support Habitat for Humanity, a wonderful nonprofit that helps provide decent and affordable housing to those who need it.

Habitat for Humanity has a simple vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

They help build new homes and empower future homeowners. Their projects depend on the sweat equity of homebuyers and volunteers. Habitat operates domestically, as well as in Latin and Central America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Also, they operate globally, to help communities recover from disasters.

A Habitat for Humanity car donation will benefit the closest Habitat for Humanity in your area, which means the proceeds stay in your local community and help your neighbors. A donation to Habitat does more than help an individual or a family — it helps a community.

How To Donate Your Boat

The process for boat donations is a little different than car donations and is based on a couple of factors including the age, condition, and location of the boat.

While we do ask for some photos of boats prior to pick up, the process is still nice and simple! Even better, your charity will receive between 75-80% of every gross dollar from the sale!

No other charity donation company can match the benefit of Car Donation Wizard, which has raised over $150 million for charity over the last 10 years!

To get started with your boat donation today, give us a call at 1-877-277-4344 and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to help you, as you help Habitat for Humanity.


1968 Chrysler Donated to American Cancer Society

Just in time for Cancer Awareness Month comes the tale of a very special cancer car donation: a 1968 Chrysler Newport! This antique beauty continues to make the world a better place as a donation to the American Cancer Society. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can turn an old car into a charitable donation!

cancer car donation

1968 Chrysler Newport

Don’t let the dust fool you, this model sold more than almost any other Chrysler during the 1960s.

cancer car donation

Despite the age, the mileage on this car is surprisingly low – under 67,000!

Don’t the seats looks plush?

cancer car donation

This particular car is part of the fourth generation of Newport, that ranged from 1965-1968. The Chrysler C platform was groundbreaking at the time, though you may have seen it on the ever-popular Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

Do you have an older car (it doesn’t have to be 50!) and want to support cancer research and patient support? The surprising possibility is a cancer car donation!

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a global grassroots organization dedicated to fighting cancer on all fronts. How do they do that?

They fund critical research to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. They support cancer patients and their families. They educate both health professionals and the public. They help detect and treat cancer.

The American Cancer Society has an important presence both in the US and abroad. In the United States, there are over 250 regional offices across 6 distinct regions.

They do incredible work for cancer patients and their families, but they can’t do it alone. Vehicle donations are a great method of fundraising for this amazing charity

We can accept all kind of cars, boats, motorcycles, and RVs and help you help your favorite charity!

With our charity car donation program, between 75-80% of the proceeds will go directly to the charity, which is the highest return rate of any program. You’ll be eligible for a tax credit, not to mention free towing.

Support this incredible organization with a cancer car donation! Visit our website or give us a call at 1-888-227-5500.



James L Maher Center Charity Spotlight

Did you know October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month? The James L. Maher Center works year round to support individuals with developmental disabilities. This organization is especially close to heart here at Car Donation Wizard.

James L. Maher Center

james l maher center

Founded in 1953, the James L. Maher Center fosters independence and opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. They help connect individuals with meaningful employment and celebrate the work of Americans with disabilities.

The Center started humbly with 13 families who wanted to provide a group home and day programs for their daughters and sons. Today? The Centers serves around 300 families in Newport and Bristol counties, and runs 11 group homes, and provides over 2,000 rides weekly.

Although the Center has grown immensely, their mission has not altered. They strive to “support individuals with developmental disabilities by helping them to increase their independence, self-esteem, productivity, integration, and participation with their local communities.”

This support takes many forms, including employment opportunities, day programs for about 150 individuals, transportation, and recreation. The Maher Center helps participants stay active, social, and helps foster a special sense of community.

We are proud to work with the James L. Maher Center for car donations and beyond. Two of our amazing team members, Frank and John, joined us through the Maher Center!

We also participate in their Blossoms program, where fresh blooms vases are delivered weekly to our office for a nominal fee, which can brighten the gloomiest workday.

If you want to help support the incredible work of the James L. Maher Center, we make it easy.

If you donate your car through Car Donation Wizard, between 75-80% of the gross proceeds will go directly to the Maher Center. This helps support their 11 group homes, their transportation fleet, and personalized training and support for all participants.

Give us a call at (877) 215-0227 or visit our website, and help support a great cause that’s close to heart and close to home!