Title transfer:  When choosing which charity to donate a car to, keep in mind that anyone who asks you to leave the buyer section of the title blank, does not have your best interest in mind. Registered vehicle donation processing centers and charities know that when a donor makes a car donation, they must sign the title directly over to the charity or their agent. All states have very clear regulations about transfer of ownership for vehicles. Do not, under any circumstances, leave the “buyer” section of the title blank. By leaving the title blank, you will allow anyone to transfer the title directly from you to the next buyer.

There are two consequences to this oversight:

  1. You remain liable for the vehicle. This means liable to the buyer and possibly liable for the actions of the buyer.
  2. The charity might not get credit for the donation. By signing directly to the charity or their legal contractual agent, you make it much more likely that the vehicle will actually be used for the charitable purpose that you designate.

Complete the “buyer” section of the title by filling in the name of the charity or their agent and sign the title exactly the way your name appears on the document. No cross outs or white out on mistakes – as this voids the title.

For state specific information or to see an example of your title, visit our title page and select your state from the drop down. We also feature instructional state title transfer videos on our YouTube channel.

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