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By making a car donation to kids through the UNICEF vehicle donation program you can help with our support for World Children’s Day and the millions of kids worldwide who suffer from preventable everyday challenges.  Learn more about World Children’s Day and how donating a car via Car Donation Wizard can make a difference today.

November 20th is UNICEF’s World Children’s Day and Car Donation Wizard is a proud supporter through our vehicle donation program.  Your car donation to kids can be made by visiting the UNICEF car donation program page.  It falls on this day to honor the anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Today children all over the world are encouraged to use their voices to raise awareness for the most pressing challenges that their generation is currently faced with. It also is a time to show children that they have the power to make a difference in ways they may not think they can. World Children’s Day is important to help end the senseless deaths of children under the age of 5 from preventable diseases. It is important for the millions of children who miss out on receiving a education. Across the world there are hundreds of millions of children currently living in a war zone or in poverty. There are many ways to become involved in World Children’s Day whether you are a parent who can introduce this day to your child or you can find a way to donate to UNICEF to help end these crises these children are faced with.

One of the biggest issues that UNICEF is focusing on this year giving children access to clean drinking water. It is 2017 and globally there is a crisis with the lack of available water. Clean water should not be a privilege, it should be available to every human being globally. On Saturday November 18th in over 100 countries a global event took Wplace to raise funds for areas without access to clean water. The movement was called #WorkoutForWater and helped to provide water pumps to these areas. One water pump delivers clean and safe drinking water to an entire community. If you visit UNICEF’s website you can donate to this movement because everybody should be allowed to have a clean glass of water.

Here at Car Donation Wizard we strive daily to raise the maximum amount of funds we can every time someone chooses to donate a car  UNICEF. For more information on how to donate a car or the car donation tax deduction you can visit our FAQ’s page.  We will continue to work hand in hand with UNICEF until every child has the same fundamental rights regardless of where they happen to live.

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