This week’s car donation features a 2004 Volvo V70 that was donated to Minnesota Public Radio. When you donate a vehicle to benefit MPR, you actually turn your car into the news you depend on and the music you love. From MPR News, to the broadcasts of the Minnesota Orchestra on YourClassical, to the best local and independent music on The Current — your gift makes a difference at MPR.

Now ready to donate their wagon, this family recalls a couple funny stories from over the years. One is about the time they used the wagon to pull a new pickup up a slippery hill.

We live in a hilly northern Minnesota town and one day we came upon a newer pickup spinning on a slippery hill. We stopped to let him know we had chains in the back and would be happy to pull him up the hill. He looked at us like we were nuts! I mean, come on! He had a new pick up and we were in an old Volvo station wagon. But with a side eye and a shrug he said he would humor us. Little did he know this wagon with AWD and winter tires could do just about anything. We hooked him on and the Volvo didn’t slip an inch, just pulled his pickup right up the hill. My husband still chuckles about that years later!

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