Today’s car donation story features a 1967 Dodge Dart donated to Tennessee’s WUOT station through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.  It was purchased new from Kerr Motor Company on April 15,1967. The ’67 Dart was one of the last vehicles sold by a Dodge dealership owned by the donor’s grandfather and uncle, that was open from 1927 – 1967.

The History of “GAMSCAR” – 1967 Dodge Dart

The Dart was daily driven by my great grandmother (“Gam”) until her passing in 1980. We kept it in my grandparents’ garage and every family member– aunts, uncles, and my parents, would use it as a spare car as they needed all through the 80’s and 90’s. We called it “GAMSCAR”. I obtained it in 1992 and drove all through high school and college back and forth from Knoxville to Nashville weekly.

Donor's Grandfather's Dealership

Photo of the outside of the donor’s grandfather’s and great uncle’s Dodge dealership. Operated from 1927 to 1967.

The car was dead reliable, as in, I would not afraid to drive it to California if I so desired when it was being driven regularly. But, as in life, some things get put to the side. New jobs, moving, careers and family start-ups happen. The nails began to be driven into this poor Dart’s coffin when I moved back to Nashville and began living in the city. There were no spare garages to park it in and, unfortunately, my grandparents were long gone and the old garage it stayed in for decades had been sold along with the estate. It sat outside in my parents backyard, then I trailered it to Nashville to park on a friends farm all the while trying to secure a usable shop space to restore it. This went on for many years and never came to fruition for causes known and unknown. The car came back from Nashville and is currently living in my driveway with me and my family. We’ve joked with the kids, 8 and 5, that this would be the car they learn to drive in.

Dodge Dart donor selfie

Donor takes one last photo with the Dodge Dart

I was listening this weekend to WUOT as I was cleaning the garage and of course, Tom and Ray were going on as they do. Then an old story about a woman mistaking a Jaguar for a Dodge Dart happened upon the show. I laughed right along with the infectious laugh that only the Magliozzi brothers can make. Almost immediately after was their Segway into the Vehicle Donation Program. Knowing Tommy’s affection for old Dart’s sparked the idea to call it quits. Time to move on.

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