Good news for charities and donors; car donation programs are here to say.

While some have reported that after the tax law changes of 2005 vehicle donation volume would dry up to a trickle, strong charity brands continue to prosper.

Reasons why car donations for charities will continue to be successful

1.) Car donations provide year round ancillary revenue. Vehicle donation programs provide a good source of year round ancillary revenue that doesn’t cannibalize other donations or contributions.  A good car donation program offers a valuable service to donors and can offer a solid tax deduction for qualified contributions.

2.) Sophistication of market segment yields long term stability. More than just a charity donation program, these cars become a channel for responsible recycling of end of life vehicles.  The automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product.  94% of the ferrous material in the auto is recycled into new metal.  Approximately 67% of the steel produced in North America last year was made from Recycled Scrap.  Charity vehicle volume has evolved into a steady source of low end vehicles for recyclers and dismantlers throughout the U.S. The more sophisticated the recycling industry has become the stronger this relationship has evolved.

3.) Donors do their homework on net return of car donation proceeds to charity. Previously, some vehicle donation programs would be successful just through blanket marketing.  All across America, radio and billboard campaigns would encourage donors to donate their car to charities they might never of heard of before.  Today, car donors are much more careful when choosing a charity. The illegitimate or third party programs can’t compete with the brand identity of strong not for profits.

Car Donation Wizard has structured our program and services to provide first rate support for building a responsible vehicle donation program and relationships with the top charities in the world. We take pride in making the very best decisions for your vehicle, resulting in the very best return for your charity.