The Purple Heart is one of the most recognizable and respected medals presented to service members who have been wounded or killed by an enemy while serving in the military. Purple Heart Day is annually observed on August 7 to remember and honor the sacrifices made by these military members.

General George Washington created the Badge of Military Merit on August 7, 1782 as a combat decoration for the Army and Army Air Corps. Douglas MacArthur, former Chief Staff of the Army, changed its name to the Purple Heart in 1932. Later in 1942, President Roosevelt expanded the criteria to include those who were wounded or killed as a result of enemy action.

Did you know?

  • It is believed that the award is purple because the color represents courage and bravery.
  • In 1942, Army Lt. Annie G. Fox became the first woman to receive a Purple Heart.
  • The Purple Heart is the oldest award still presented to service members.
  • Curry T. Haynes currently holds the record for the largest number of Purple Hearts bestowed upon a single service member. He received nine Purple Hearts and passed away from cancer in July of 2017.

Source:  USO

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