Today’s donor story features a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle known as “LilRed67”. LilRed was donated to Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program, where it will help build a home for a family in the Columbia County Habitat community. The image above shows the donor posing with LilRed in the mid 1990’s. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, the donor decided to gift herself a new car. She chose the color she wanted and the body from a field of clean VW Bug bodies. LilRed was built during the summer of 1994 by BRAX Restoration in Divide, Montana. The VW was named after the donor worked on a theater production of Into the Woods and got to know the character of “Red Riding Hood”.

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1967 VW Beetle

1967 VW Beetle

Front of “LilRed”

Once I had her, I promptly loaded up my futon, sewing machine, chest of drawers, bike and new kitten and drove to Denver, Colorado. I moved back to Montana by the next year and proceeded to live very happily in Missoula for the next 10 years. I had LilRed repainted at one point, had a new engine put in at another. I took road trips to Seattle, Hollywood, and across Montana more times than I could count. Me and LilRed67,everyone knew where I was by where she was and I loved that association.

1967 VW beetle back

Back of “LilRed”

When I enrolled in grad school in Las Vegas, I had LilRed67 towed behind the U-Haul and while in school I drove her all around Nevada. In 2007, I bought a brand new Bug and LilRed67 got a much needed retirement. I intended to drive her occasionally but I ended up not putting enough work into her to keep her going. I towed her to Oregon when I moved and once here, only ended up driving her once. My boyfriend, now husband, was enchanted that I had a vintage VW Bug and we have kept her all this time with the thought that “one day” we’ll get her running again but after three moves, paying for towing and storage units, we’ve decided to let LilRed67 go. I’d love to hear you were able to make a chunk on change from selling her and that someone loves her enough to be able to show her off in all her glory.

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