Veterans Day is annually observed on November 11, as a day dedicated to honoring veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

November 11 was originally called Armistice Day and was considered the end of “the war to end all wars”. It became an official holiday in 1938 to mark the end of World War I and honor World War I veterans. Following World War II and the Korean War, veterans service organizations urged Congress to change the word “Armistice” to “Veterans” so the day could honor veterans who served in all wars.

These facts will help you appreciate the holiday:

  1. It’s different from Memorial Day. Memorial Day honors those who have died while serving; Veterans Day honors all of those who have served.
  2. The incorrect grammar isn’t a mistake. You might be wondering where the apostrophe is on the word “veterans”. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, it’s not “their” day but instead is “a day for honoring all veterans”.
  3. Other countries celebrate their own version of the day. Because the day marks the end of World War I, the United States isn’t the only country that commemorates that date. Nations such as Canada, Australia, France, and Belgium refer to it as Remembrance Day. The United Kingdom observes Remembrance Sunday on the second Sunday of November. In the U.K. and other Commonwealth countries, they observe two minutes of silence to honor those who died in war. The two-minute silence tradition originated in South Africa before the end of World War I.

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Support Service Members on Veterans Day

On this year’s Veterans Day, support military members by donating your car to charity that benefits military and veterans.

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The Military Family Advisory Network was founded by military members and families for military members and families. MFAN’s mission is to be the bridge that connects military members and their families to the resources, people, and information needed to successfully navigate all phases of military life. All donations to the Military Family Advisory Network help connect military members and their families to the resources they need to succeed.

Donating your car is an easy way to support any military or veterans organization. Use our Cars for Charity Vehicle Donation Program to donate your car to the charity of your choice. We accept all car donations, trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, trailers, and RV’s. Car Donation Wizard will return 75-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle to your military charity, the highest of any vehicle donation program!

Thank those who served by donating your car online or calling us at 877-957-2277.

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