This Memorial Day, Car Donation Wizard is pleased to announce our newest charity partnership with the Military Family Advisory Network. MFAN was created by military members and families for military members and families.

About the Military Family Advisory Network

Military FamilyMFAN’s mission is to be the bridge that connects military members, their families, and veterans to the resources, people, and information needed to successfully navigate all phases of military life. The MFAN provides resources and connection opportunities in a variety of ways.

The MilCents online experience is a self-guided financial education program. It provides online discussions with real financial experts and a training course that allows you to progress at your own pace. Another resource is the MilMap community resource map. MilMap an interactive map that can be both viewed and edited by MFAN members and is used to find nearby business partners, events, or other military members/families. Lastly, MilYou is a progression system that helps educate members on physical and mental health as well as healthy relationships. With the help of real discussions and achievement goals, MilYou provides information and advice to improve overall health.

How Can I Help?

All donations to the Military Family Advisory Network help connect military members and their families to the resources they need to succeed. Donating your car is an easy way to support any organization. Car Donation Wizard will return 70-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle to MFAN.

After you complete a donation form, we will send you state-specific instructions on how to transfer over your title. Then, our tow agencies will contact you to schedule a pickup time that works best for you. Finally, your vehicle will be sold and the proceeds will go to MFAN. We’ll mail you a tax write off within the next 30 days. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Want to support military members and their families this Memorial Day? Donate your vehicle online or call us at (877) 957-2277!


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