Featured Car Donation of the Week: 1976 MG B Roadster for Michigan Public Radio/NPR

October 19, 2015
Author: S.A. Stevenson

This week we’re featuring two vintage charity car donations: a 1964 Ford Thunderbird for Last Chance for Animals, and as you can see above: the 1976 MG B Roadster for Michigan Public Radio & NPR. We’re currently auctioning this featured car donation on eBay.

As you can see, this is a real beauty! This vehicle’s sleek white exterior and black, vinyl interior is just great to admire, especially if you have a thing for classic Roadsters. This vehicle boasts over $6,000 of restoration and maintenance performed upon it over the past two years, so you know that not only does it look great, but it runs good too!

These vehicles peaked in production right around 1975-1976 with over 35,000 units sold during the time-frame and were just a hoot to drive. This vehicle was one of the first MG models to feature the new US Federal 5 MPH Crash Bumpers. These well-recognized, black-rubber bumpers were needed to comply with American crash-testing standards for its era. The 1976 installment of the MGB sported a rear anti-sway bar that was added to significantly improve this vehicle’s handling over the 1975 model, which was the first model to introduce the 5 MPH Crash Bumpers.

As always, we love it when an individual donates a car to charity, and this is no exception…this convertible is great eye-candy!

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Featured Car Donation: 1976 MG B Roadster