In today’s economy, it’s a tough decision to decide to give up your car, even if it is going to a great cause. How do you know when is the right time to donate your car to charity? Will your old car be a burden to the charity?

donate a car to habitat for humanity

Toyota Camry donated to Habitat for Humanity's Cars for Homes program 

When it’s time to give up your car – 5 tips

1) When your repair warranty’s have expired and you’re facing costly repairs.

2) When your car becomes unreliable.

3) When the person who owns/owned the car no longer drives it.

4) When your car becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth, with minor repairs beginning to add up.

5) When you no longer have a loan.

The truth about donating your car to charity

The truth is that almost all cars are valuable to charity. Being that Car Donation Wizard works with the best and brightest network of vehicle experts who work hard to get the best value for your car ensures that you get three great benefits from car donation. 1) You get to give back to a great nonprofit! 2) You get a tax deduction for your charitable contribution. And 3) You get to give your car new life, even if it doesn’t run and cost more in repairs than it’s worth. Charitable car donation is an awesome way to give back to organizations who really and truly appreciate your contribution. Since Car Donation Wizard only works with the best, you can be sure that the proceeds from your car donation go straight to the heart of your charity’s mission.