Keeping your donation information safe

In the age of rampant identity theft – Car Donation Wizard reminds donors that keeping your confidential donation information safe is of highest concern to us. We work hard with a team of in house data security specialists who maintain the highest standards of security for personal information and data storage. All confidential information including social security number information, is stored on a secure server and donor transactions are processed on secure websites.  Annually, we transmit the 1098c information to IRS as required by law using the secure FIRE system.

Why would I need my social security number to donate a car?

Vehicles with a gross selling price of less than $500 can be deducted without using the IRS form 1098c.  For deductions of greater than $500, 1098c is required and cannot be submitted to IRS without Donor ID number (SSN).  When a vehicle is sold for an amount greater than $500, the donor is sent a letter requesting SSN information.  When the IRS introduced the 1098c in 2005, this changed how data security needed to be addressed and therefore, collected.

Your car donation means so much to the charitable partners we work with. We pride ourselves on keeping your information as safe as possible so that there is no risk to you, the donor. If you have any questions regarding the security of your information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 877.709.2277.