Today’s car donation spotlight features the story of a 2003 Volkswagen Passat that was donated to San Diego Habitat for Humanity. The proceeds from the sale of the car will go towards building a home for a family in the San Diego, CA community. The ’03 VW Passat was purchased new by the donor’s in-laws, who gifted the car to their granddaughter when she obtained her driver’s license.

This little car was sturdy, reliable and not too “flashy” for new drivers! And it wasn’t big enough to transport “a lot” of friends in it either (a bonus as far as parents goes). Towards the end of our daughter’s senior year, she did end up in a small/minor “fender bender” where she rear-ended (really rolled into the SUV in front of her). There was slight damage to the grill/hood of this Passat. It was able to be repaired/replaced and is not perfect/but functional and was driven for another 2 years after the accident.
2003 Volkswagen Passat donated to Habitat for Humanity
With a bit of cosmetic/clean up on the interior/exterior and a few mechanical repairs – this car should last for another few years for another high school or college student, maybe a single parent or person in need of a means of “basic” transportation. We hope this donation will help a/some families with their journey to becoming healthy, happy and homed.
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Donate a Car to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is a global housing organization that works throughout 70 countries. Habitat’s vision is to create a world where every human being has a place to live regardless of race or religion. Car Donation Wizard is a proud partner with Habitat For Humanity on its Cars For Homes program. Through Cars for Homes, Habitat for Humanity is able to use the proceeds from the sale of a car donation to help build safe and affordable housing.

Donating your car is an easy way to support any organization. Car Donation Wizard will return 75-80% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your vehicle to your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Help build a home for a family in your community by donating your car online or calling us at (877) 277-4344!

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